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Praise 103.9 O.M.G Moment! Man Alive in a Body Bag!

In Lexington, Mississippi an elderly man by the name of Walter Williams woke up and Shocked everybody. Mr williams was officially pronounced dead at his home in Lexington about 9 p.m. 96 more words

Elements Of Inspiration

Atimaharathi Karna and Some Useful Information

I have already written a post on the same figure occurred in Mahabharata. I don’t know why I have such a tremendous interest in the life of Karna. 1,012 more words


Dreams can come true

The last week has been a magical ride. Ive always tried to be self-supporting and my own cheerleader, at times it is tough. Since support is fragmented im open to trying new things and exploring my new surroundings. 694 more words

Vinayak Damodar Sawarkar- A Man Who Taught India How to Counter

If you see the posts in “Inspirational Life” label on this blog, you will notice that all the post titles are starting with “An Inspirational Life” tag. 996 more words