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Today's Scrip-Bit 16 December 2014 Proverbs 21:5

Proverbs 21:5.   The thoughts (plans) of the diligent tend only (lead surely) to plenteousness; but of every one that is hasty only to want (surely to poverty). 801 more words

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Dance Like No-one's Watching

Be as you want to be – sing, breathe, cry and love as you were born to love – never stop moving – never give-up – take every moment, … 498 more words

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Today's Scrip-Bit 6 December 2014 Genesis 15:6

Genesis 15:6.  And he (Abraham) believed in the Lord, and he (God) counted it to him for righteousness.  

‘Sleeping in, sleeping in – All God’s children are sleeping in, this chilly Saturday morning!’ 
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Today's Scrip-Bit 27 November 2014 Matthew 15:36

Matthew 15:36. And he (Jesus) took the seven loaves and the fishes, and gave thanks, and brake them, and gave to his disciples, and the disciples to the multitude. 1,029 more words

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Today's Scrip-Bit 23 November 2014 Psalm 16:9

Psalm 16:9.  Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth: my flesh also shall rest (dwell securely) in hope.

Well a good Sunday morning to all you Friends and Neighbours within the scope of my writing – and that means the whole wide world, now that we have the Internet. 1,094 more words

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