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Most of us must have seeing some young/old people in a happy relationship and we just wonder why some are so ‘lucky’ in their relationship and we/others are not. 1,259 more words


I'll be okay

I’ll be okay. I always say
Those 3 words I say again and again
It’s been 39 years in this life of mine
And it feels like I do this all of the time… 216 more words


Day Fourteen: Reflections from Week Two

Obviously, I got off on my date just a little bit.  But I am okay with that.  There is always room for grace.  Right?  Besides, I much prefer the idea of Sunday being my reflection day, because that’s when I do the bulk of my reflecting anyway. 862 more words


Day Thirteen: Justice, Grace, and Mercy all Rolled Into One

READ:  Today’s reading comes from Numbers 35, with a specific focus on verses 9-15.  Here God is advising Moses to set up 6 asylum-cities that would be used to house suspected murderers until they could be tried, so that those who might want to exact vengeance upon them would not be able to hunt them down.  1,539 more words


Day Twelve: What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

Good morning everyone.  Technically, this is Day 14.  Yesterday, I spent the day with friends swimming and then, had to “move into” the home where I will be house-sitting for the next few weeks; so, it was a full day.  1,713 more words


What Will Break You?

This message for those who have suffered through abuses, adultery, and various immoralities that affect our lives. At what point do we realize that we can not continue on our own? 270 more words


Dare to Be Different!

Let’s face it, being an AUTHENTIC human being: someone who knows who they are, and what they have to offer in this world…IS TOUGH. As great as it sounds when we use phrases like: 1,089 more words

Enjoying The Journey