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You can’t ignore it. It’s here and American Journalism won’t let you forget it. The fear rises with every case that is announced, a grand total of three up to this date, October 24th, 2014. 324 more words

8 Keys To A Successful Relationship

1. Trust.

Everybody knows that if you can’t trust your partner it will only result in resentment and constant fighting. Always trust somebody until they give you a legit reason not to. 317 more words

5 Reasons Why Happiness Is All About Your Mindset

Happiness is such an abstract and subjective matter. Some people can be happy ‘just’ by being able to eat once every day. Some people need to be really successful to be happy. 838 more words

Mommy Survival 101

I can do all things through him who strengthens me. – Philippians 4:13

I’m teaching my children this verse right now. It’s really a universal verse to get you through all sorts of times. 383 more words

18 People Explain How You Can Make Friends As Adult

Found on r/AskReddit. Thanks to all that gave permission to republish.

1. Make friends by being friendly. Go out to bars. Join clubs of things that interest you.

1,618 more words

P is for Perfect Timing

I love how fate sometimes places me in he perfect spot at the perfect time to receive some small blessing;  an unexpected meeting with an old friend, a gorgeous sunset, or a moonrise on a still winter evening.  266 more words

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