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Are you kidding me with this?

If only if only if only

I said it three times fast

a wish for the future

  my lament for the past 268 more words

I can't brag about...

“Praise God for all His spiritual benefits. Thank God for His unfailing love for you. You can trust Him not to forsake you.

Seek His face. 50 more words


You Are Pi (More Or Less)

At some point in my schooling, they introduced the number Pi. They throw this number out there to you as a way to measure things about circles. 739 more words

We're Waiting For Life To Start

We live our lives waiting.

It is well known that most of us think about “what’s next” without enjoying what’s now.

Consider when you’re out and need to pay for a parking ticket before going home. 332 more words

Afternoon Prayer

“I have been established from everlasting, from the beginning, before there was ever an earth.”

Proverbs 8:23

Father God, today, I look at my life and wonder if there is a purpose for me.

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who needs knowledge when you have $wag?

You know those friends who are just so cool and so headstrong and so inspirational, meet Jacob.

High school kid by day, skater by night, he’s a super ambitious kid. 544 more words

Life Lessons