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WIN at parenting with this one secret.

Imagine your partner handing you your favorite mug filled with vinegar. They ask you to dip your finger in and take a taste… how do you react? 418 more words


A Bombastik Project

Navotas had experienced decades of ups and downs, long before he became mayor of the city. Year after year, streets would be raised to keep houses from getting drowned in floodwater. 702 more words

A Cup Of Coffee Column

Breathing Space - November 26/14

The water did keep rising, and this is morning’s level. Fortunately it began to fall, and the flooding should be easing downstream soon. You can see and hear a video of the whole river view HERE.


simply magic

Today’s inspirational spark:


FREE poetry from Malobi Sinha today!

Malobi Sinha has been a contributor here on PoetryPasta! Congratulations Malobi :) ¬†Download Malobi’s poems! ¬†They’re excellent :)

‘Rain’ is FREE on Smashwords for a short time… 125 more words


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Should We Just Order Pizza?

Daily Prompt Shaken and Stirred

It was decades ago now when a defiant younger me actually turned serious about dating, and what I wanted out of it. 846 more words