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My year long journey to self-discovery, one week at a time.

Last year around New Years I was in a very strange place in my life. I was a single female, dating, working, drinking, playing, making friends, and feeling a way I have never felt before; crazy. 823 more words


Is God Real?

I know He’s real but say you don’t believe and He is real and you gave up on Him because your life wasn’t perfect, He didn’t answer a prayer the way you thought He should or you are listening to someone else about God instead of reading and getting to know Him yourself. 112 more words


HOW TO: Know the difference between 'diet' and 'healthy lifestyle'

I hear from people all the time (mostly woman), “I can’t eat that right now, I’m on a diet,” or “I can’t wait till Friday for my cheat meal, cause I really want some carbs.” Restricting intake of certain foods to hopefully attain an outcome of weight loss or to improve health in the short term.That is one definition of… 884 more words


Month 2 Nutrisystem pictures.

This is from March to now on Nutrisystem. I lost 3 pounds for the whole month! But after seeing how different I look I realize it isn’t about the scale! 18 more words


HOW TO: Not eat processed food for one month

Happy April first everyone. I know it’s been a while since hearing anything from me… March was a super busy month. I’ll get more in to that in my next post. 594 more words



Five practices guaranteed to deflate your heart!  Posted by TR Johnson on March 30, 2014 at 1:20 PM  

Like most people, do you look for the guarantees? 61 more words

Mushroom stuffed chicken breast review.

This was a wonderful dinner. The mushroom cheese filling was great and the chicken was just right. 8/10 def reordering this. The only thing is you will have to add veggies to this dish to help keep you full. 9 more words