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Where I am right now...

This quote by the late Steve Jobs, sums up how I feel about the direction of my life right now.

My answer has been “no” for quite some time now.


Too Many Pounds

I didn’t feel fat
Until I saw the number
Blinking back at me

Nothing has changed
Since yesterday, except
Maybe a pound, two, or five? 34 more words


Today, I was afraid to step on the scale

Oh, scale of mine how I love to hate thee
You show me all without care
You never lie to me
As you reveal every single bite I took… 327 more words


Protein Cooking

You may be thinking that was a typo. But no, I meant, “protein cooking,” not, “Low-protein cooking.” Because, for many of us, we are not living our PKU life in isolation, we are a part of a family! 885 more words


Strong is a Verb

“Invincibility is not a human characteristic.”—NCIS, S05E10


I have lived through life feeling like I needed to learn how to be strong—the kind of strong it takes to never have cracks, to never show vulnerability, to ultimately be impervious to any pain.

443 more words

I Am A Fit Fat Person

“I am a fit fat person, Baby”
That is what I told him when he asked me the results of my body composition and fitness results. 228 more words



In GAFL, I have joined a College Culture Program (CC) to find out more about university cultures and which questions we need to ask as well as their answers. 312 more words