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Can I kill my co-workers?

I walk in to work tonight and this is what I see…
I am strong and can resist temptation right now but come three am that is when my resolve weakness. 26 more words


Blogging 101: Hello, My name is…

There is a reason why my about page is empty.  :(
I truly dislike writing about myself but since it’s our first blogging 101 assignment… 276 more words


Thursday's Bike Cardio

It is hard to maintain 75 rpm’s at level 10.
The most I could do was 70   :-(
Soon, baby I will do it! 


Daily Quote: Sunday September 7th

I’ve come to far to take orders from a cookie (or in my case a churro)!

A little look from the voice inside my head. :)

174 more words


Here I am determined and ready to go to the gym right now (Sunday).
Gotta get rid of those pesky love handles.

He didn’t think I would when I told him on Friday that I would go work out on Sunday and maybe he would have been right if it wasn’t for the fact that I gorged myself eating such yummy food on Saturday night. 53 more words


I have a new trainer

Sigh it’s been three weeks since I’ve posted here :( but it doesn’t mean that I’ve been slacking off.

Nope, not at all and that is because I have a personal trainer to push me and make me go work out. 264 more words