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For Your Friday

Be inspired! Be Brave! and Have a Happy Holiday Weekend Everyone!


Nothing like Now

Everyone who has reached a position of significance, began somewhere and work their way up.

So don’t beat yourself down before you begin. But once you’ve started, make sure you keep beating (and bettering) yourself, forever.


5 Things I Learned From My Cat

I know what you’re probably thinking, cat lady alert! but before you dismiss what I have to say as the ramblings of the feline obsessed (guilty as charged!) take a minute to consider the wisdom that those little fur balls have to offer. 739 more words


Un-Herd Yourself

You will make progress only once the thought of being content as part of the herd makes you uncomfortable.


Illustration Friday: Journey


I was going to paint this for Illustration Friday, but I am not going to finish it in time so this will do. I like this sketch anyway! 60 more words


Gettin' Schooled

Fun fact #34: word problems were the bane of my existence in high school…and lately it seems like I can’t seem to get away from them… 656 more words


The Qualities Of DETROIT

Detroit,known as “MotorCity”— a popular symbol of urban decay — as well as the home of the hustlers has  some qualities that might interest you.Somewhere behind its neglected, graffiti-covered skyscrapers are charming reminders of a city that was once among the world’s wealthiest.Abandoned… 362 more words