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Some days, some days...

…you just need to hug a Chicken



Cheat Meals 101

Here’s an awesome guide for cheat meals; let’s call it Cheat Meals 101. Cheat meals are essential, do not deprive yourself of everything you once used to enjoy. 134 more words


What to do with singleness

I’ve been out of the relationship circuit for a while. I have definitely learned how to embrace the freedom that comes with that. I was talking to one of my girlfriends a few weeks back and we agreed that one of the most difficult aspects of dating is the idea that we will have to eventually adjust our schedules to meet the other person’s needs. 385 more words

what defines friendship?

Life has taught me a lot about friendships. I personally have made my mistakes in not being the best friend that I could be. I have definitely learned a lot over the years. 486 more words


Perfect Score At Choir Competition !!!

My high school’s Men’s Choir of which I am a member and Baritone received straight ones at the University Interscholastic League Competition today!!!



Question One - Who is your favourite poet?

Carol Ann Duffy

Now this might surprise you, as she’s not what people would class as edgy or even unique. She exclusively writes poetry for British students to study at GCSE and A Levels. 365 more words