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Pep Talk and Bedroom Eyes

Hello babes and dude-babes. This week I’d love to get EVEN MORE PERSONAL with you – but it’s for a good reason, one that may change your perspective or, at least, make your brain tango. 1,076 more words

Bucket List

“Train your heart, mind, body and soul now and they will work as a team to guard you later.”

Love & Marriage

“Reaching a goal is not final. Failing to achieve a goal is not final either. It is the courage and self motivation to continue after that matters.”

Love & Marriage

“To be yourself is to accept yourself at your best and to not blind follow others or lead others astray.”

Love & Marriage

Good Friday

He died for us 2000 years ago so that we would be saved generations after.


Spring Blooms That Inspire

It never ever fails, when April rolls around we commence craving these spring blooms like you wouldn’t think. We have a feeling we aren’t alone there. 29 more words

Daily Ideas