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25 things to do until I am 25

I have always been a person who loves all sort of lists, indexes, records and tables. Their neatness and systematisation could never disappoint. So, thanks to one of my-crazy-well-organised friends who also likes making lists and tables, I have decided to make a list of 25 things I would like to accomplish until I am 25.  1,117 more words

Keep Holding On... (Day 4)

So, I got a call from my doctor’s offic yesterday. She said in a calm voice that my HcG are rising slowly and they don’t think the bleeding is as a result of a miscarriage. 200 more words


Finally, I can breathe!

Good afternoon readers, 

What a crazy few days! I tell you, working in retail is a pain. They give you these crazy hours ( which are not enough) and I haven’t written a thing! 430 more words


Why Nature?

Why the existence of beautiful nature on earth?
and awe, it’s marvellous inspiration follows
to all; teaching from their birth
                giving hope to many on its privileges to Life… 91 more words



Where in the blue hell does inspiration come from? Fuck if I know.

I think it’s different for everybody, whether you’re a writer, actor, artist or anything else.  519 more words