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Lost hearts in city lights


 “It was another morning, just like any other morning in her life. The first rays of sun reflected through the expensive Spanish glasses and the wrinkles on her face lit up, as she took a sip from her fancy china. 332 more words

Thankful and Share

Helloo guys… happy easter to all who celebrate it….

Everyday i always be thankful to God that give me life everyday. Yesterday i saw by my self someone died on the street because accident. 145 more words

Stay with your employer for 20+ years, they said. Retirement benefits will be great, they said. 6 reasons job hopping is actually good for you.

Generation Y hit the workforce around the same time the housing market crashed in 2007 and 2008. Welcome, to the real world.  Unemployment rates sky rocketed, and the after effects on the economy are still being felt today.   388 more words


The Desire For Freedom


In a traveling and tourism class our teacher explained why some countries don’t allow tourists on the main land.  He said, “if you were the people living in poverty and saw tourists come around with a better life you would want to be free of your life & this could cause an uprising.” 823 more words


TAKE THIS QUIZ! Which Gangster Rapper Are You?

Which Disney character are you?
Which Broadway musical are you?
Which alcoholic drink are you?
What pop star are you?
What Marvel superhero are you?  203 more words