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There are so many different Christmas themes that you can opt for when decorating for the holidays. Lately, I’ve been really inspired by the outdoors and décor themes which bring nature inside.  422 more words


The Erector Set

All I wanted for Christmas as a child, was what every other kid had, Lego blocks.  But my request always came up short.  However one particular Christmas, since my family discovered I had this urge to build, gave me this box of scrap metal, called an “Erector Set.”  And yes, the picture above shows exactly what it was, a box of scrap metal.  301 more words

Family And Friends

A New Achievement For "Paul's Heart"

I have always enjoyed writing, and that has been the key, enjoying it.  I did alright when it came to school projects, as long as the subject inspired me.  427 more words


A Time To Answer Some Questions

Under normal circumstances, when readers offer comments to my posts, I simply hit “approve”, and they end up posted.  I very rarely reject comments, unless they are clearly not constructive, regardless if they are positive or negative in tone.  2,281 more words


One Last Try

Wendy, I know you and your family read this blog.  Since you and I can no longer talk to each other without you attacking me, when all I am trying to do is to get you to understand, that as our divorce process gets more contentious, your concern for what is best for our daughters is taking a back seat. 1,032 more words

Family And Friends

Bagan or bust!

In November, we had a four day weekend for Full Moon Day. We traveled with our neighbors Amy and Okkar to Bagan, Myanmar. Between the 11th and 13th centuries, over 10,000 temples stood in Bagan. 405 more words


A Merry Little Playlist: Take 2!

Are you ready to get a little Jazzy and a wee bit Celtic? Last year’s traditional and modern playlists were such a hit that I decided to delve back into all the holiday and Christmas music out there to bring you two, count them TWO new playlists. 491 more words