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What's Your Sign? Mine Is Cancer.

One of the most common issues I come across patients is when it comes to dating, when is the right time to discuss that you had cancer, and as in my case, some very serious late developing side effects.  875 more words


Just Because You Cannot See It

There are plenty of side effects that come about from treatments for cancer, whether it be from surgery, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy.  Some are quite obvious and visible, others cannot be seen.  788 more words


In Defense Of Adrian Peterson????

The headlines on one of my Facebook feeds read, “Coach’s Disgusting Defense Of Adrian Peterson:  If Family Member ‘Has Cancer, You Don’t Turn Your Back On Them.  915 more words


Exploring Yangon

Being in a new city and in a new country is thrilling, overwhelming and often hilarious. Here are a few shots and moments from a day on the town. 189 more words


Style Inspiration: Jhené Aiko

Mellow soul singer Jhené Aiko is quickly coming up in the music world.  Although being in the industry for years, Jhené is finally getting some attention in the spotlight and has recently debuted her first album “Souled Out.”  The young singer gets much praise from fans everywhere for her relatable lyrics, laid-back hippie attitude, and inspiring style.  122 more words


Cancer And Relationships

It is often difficult to go beyond the thought, that a diagnosis of cancer can go beyond that of the patient who has been diagnosed.  After all, it is the patient who is in the race against time to avoid one statistic, death, but become a statistic, survivor.  907 more words


Quilt Alliance Fundraiser

This is my contribution to the Quilt Alliance auction.

A bit about the Quilt Alliance…….

“Our mission is to document, preserve and share the stories of… 157 more words