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Just Get Up

Sometimes all we need is a little positivity.

Sometimes all we need to do is ignore the assholes.

Sometimes all we need to do is get out of bed. 416 more words


Shri Morarji Desai

A story about India’s Prime minister Late Shri Morarji Desai (narrated today by Swami Ishatmanandaji Maharaj, Ramakrishna Mission Branch, Homer Glen, near Chicago:

When Mr. Desai was young, he was looking for a job. 176 more words



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“Am I messing up my Kids?”
Proverbs 31.org Bible Study

::Memory Verse::


Day 1831- Bret Got A JOB!!!!!!!

After 5 years of school, substitute teaching and a whole lot of side jobs, I am SOOOO proud to say Bret signed a contract yesterday to be a permanent physical education teacher at an elementary school! 82 more words



Through eyes we connect. To show someone respect we make eye contact when we speak. When you truly mean what you say you connect through your eyes. 330 more words


कबीर वाकई समय का जादू है

कबीर वाकई समय का जादू है। और भारतवासियों के तो वे दिल में धड़कते हैं। उनके कहे एक-एक दोहे हजार धर्मशास्त्रों पर भारी है। काव्य और फिलोसोफी के जगत का कोई सबसे बड़ा चमत्कार है, तो वह कबीर ही है। 39 more words