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Investing in the Dream (Part 1)

Picture provided by the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication.

Have you ever had a burning passion on the inside? Something that you knew you were born to do or see? 1,302 more words


I have a dream that one day....

Fill in the blank with your dream!         


Choose love today!

One thing that we love about Dr. King’s legacy was that he chose love instead of hate. He believed in the power of peace. We want to encourage you to love one another. 17 more words


Remembering Dr. King

Today we are celebrating the Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday.

Here at Be A Girl Like Me! Inc. we would like to remember and honor this Man of God for all of the wonderful things that he has done for our nation. 176 more words


The Power of Positive Doing

Getting Good at Getting Results

Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. -Abraham Lincoln

While no one can deny the power of positive thinking, far too many people neglect to ACT on their own behalf in order to bring their dreams to life. 493 more words

Practical Advice

Cultivate the Healing Power of Gratitude

Cultivate the Healing Power of Gratitude -1

Gratitude is an immensely powerful force that we can use to expand our happiness, create loving relationships, and even improve our health. 421 more words


Through the eyes of my daughter.....

If you could see how others see you, would you start to love yourself a lot more or would you change? Take a step back, How do you want others to see you? 32 more words