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Day 1857 - Going To Bengies Drive-In - Where You Get Life Lessons...

Last night, we went to Bengie’s Drive-In with my youngest brother. We got a nice spot close to the exit, brought a TON of blankets and pillows, got great snacks in the snack bar (popcorn dipped in nacho cheese! 486 more words

Personal Growth


Guess who PR’D accidentally at the Black Light Run tonight?!

Yep, MRS FABULOUS! Big thanks to my friend and cheerleader Jen for pushing me only because she knew I could do it. 12 more words


Advice to myself

If I could go back in time and meet myself, I would give the following advice to myself..

1. You never know what you have until it’s gone. 367 more words


8 Thoughts That Amazing People Think.

We’ve been told that our success or “goodness” is represented by the condition of our lives. “Successful” people are financially stable, fit, have an organized home, well behaved and intelligent children, vacation at least once a year, are well read and have taken the time to update their iOS to version 7.1.1/2! 1,030 more words

Teman Saya, Bayu

Cerita ini, cerita dari seorang sahabat Saya. Sahabat yang hanya Saya kenal lewat dunia maya. Sahabat yang berani menceritakan kisahnya, meski kami belum pernah bertemu. Sahabat yang wajahnya saja baru Saya lihat melalui foto. 378 more words