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Day 1831- Bret Got A JOB!!!!!!!

After 5 years of school, substitute teaching and a whole lot of side jobs, I am SOOOO proud to say Bret signed a contract yesterday to be a permanent physical education teacher at an elementary school! 82 more words



Through eyes we connect. To show someone respect we make eye contact when we speak. When you truly mean what you say you connect through your eyes. 330 more words


कबीर वाकई समय का जादू है

कबीर वाकई समय का जादू है। और भारतवासियों के तो वे दिल में धड़कते हैं। उनके कहे एक-एक दोहे हजार धर्मशास्त्रों पर भारी है। काव्य और फिलोसोफी के जगत का कोई सबसे बड़ा चमत्कार है, तो वह कबीर ही है। 39 more words


Mike Tyson on Having a Plan

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”-Mike Tyson.¹

This quote has a reality that I can identify with. Sometimes the unexpected  turnings of life can “pull the rug out from under you.” That experience leaves you sprawled on the floor, breathless.  333 more words

Personal Reflections

Please Help Dominic Cross the Finish Line!

If there was ever one fundraiser or Campaign that you donate to, please let it be this one!


Please help donate whatever you can- no amount is too small or big when it’s going toward such an amazing cause.  52 more words


P90X and Tony Horton--Changing Mind & Muscle

I’m reading a book by Tony Horton called The Big Picture. I picked it up when I noticed the author, “Hey, it’s that P90X guy…” 286 more words