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New times, new ways but also old stories


Again Monday and I know I’ve been forgetting a bit about my Cinema Monday entries but the thing is I chose such a bad time to open my blog… June and the beginning of the Summer did not good for you, my dear readers (nor for me, I must admit) because everyone is messing around, doing all those things they couldn’t do during the academic / working year, resting, travelling… But again September, first day (and Monday, oh my…) so I should get back to my original intention of posting at least three times a week (let it be Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays). 1,034 more words

It Made Me Reflect

People changes... there's still hope!

It happened I was in the subway when a girl came into my carriage. She was singing quite good a famous Spanish pop song by… 260 more words


It has been awhile since I posted anything. Two days after my last post, a family member died unexpectedly.

In those moments immediately following her death, one thing I forgot is that…

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Jolly Moments

Jumping Walls and Fences

Today I did things I wasn’t expecting to do in the first place. I got up really late (for me) almost 9am. I didn’t go running because I thought I deserved some rest after yesterday which was hard in walking and running terms (although satisfactory). 283 more words


Dinosaur's Salad

Each day, a new story. This is the fossil story. I went to my father’s village for the first time in my concious life. We were climbing a hill when going to a shrine which was located in the middle of the forest. 351 more words