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But what if I have 100 different things I desire right now?

“You are NOT creating through action therefore effort and energy and time are irrelevant. You are creating vibrationally through energy which gives you huge leverage.  184 more words

Abraham Hicks

But what about our government?

Questioner: “How do you align with the solution when government is so powerful?”

Abraham Hicks: “By understanding that government isn’t powerful. By understanding that… one who is connected to the Stream is more powerful than millions who are not. 75 more words

Abraham Hicks

You can be even more healthy, beautiful, intelligent and abundant now than when you were younger!

“You are not less now than you were then… you are much more now than you were then. Your Vortex is much more dynamic. There’s much more success queued up for you than you’ve ever lived before. 210 more words

Abraham Hicks

What you want IS created for you already, just allow it in!!!

“When looking to manifest something, we would say, “When I’m allowing the manifestation to be realized by me,” because you’re not manifesting, you’re creating the environment that allows the manifestation. 159 more words

Abraham Hicks

Why do some people feel really good to be with?

“Although most people don’t realize it, when someone is very nice to be with, whether it’s a friend, a father or a lover, the reason they feel so good is not because who they are in relationship to who you are, it’s because of who they are in relationship to who they are. 113 more words

Abraham Hicks

Meditation is nice but active appreciation is even more powerful!

“…when you first wake up, acknowledge that this is the closest to not wobbling that you are likely to be today. And so, begin shoring yourself up with topics that are wobble-free until some Momentum gets going because the most delightful state of life… you see, the big contention that so many humans have had with us about what we’ve been teaching over the years is that… you don’t want to meditate and have no thought, … 833 more words

Abraham Hicks

What you get is always a match to you, there are no surprises - only perfect matches!

“You’ve got to work yourself up that emotional scale.

You cannot continue to fork off in the direction of what you don’t want and then be surprised when what you don’t want manifests!”

Abraham Hicks, 25/9 2005

Abraham Hicks