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No one just "gets" cancer - they created it themselves and can choose health instead!

When you understand that there is nothing outside of you that is making the difference, it is all inside of you, and then you are very clever about paying attention to the way that you feel and so that you are changing all of these little ‘I hope I don’t get cancer’ -s to ‘I know I will not’, ‘I hope I will be prosperous’ to ‘I know the dollars are flowing’, ‘I hope I will have a good relationship’ to ‘I know good relationships are my way of life’ - 36 more words

Abraham Hicks

Living happily ever after:

This is the secret to living happily ever after: you just have to decide that you want to feel good so much that you are willing to give up the opinions about everything that doesn’t make you feel good.

Abraham Hicks, 31/5 2014

How To Allow

No matter what you can always find the good feelings and that is the answer to it all!!!

“You can be happy under any and all conditions, but happy has to be the goal and the conditions will take a second place to it – and then the happy will cause the condition to morph.”

Abraham Hicks

Abraham Hicks

A wonderful new process to feel better

I adore the new process mentioned by Abraham Hicks this weekend:

“What is the condition that I require a change?” And then she’s writing, “I want that condition to change, so that I can feel ……” And then she has been writing a series of emotions that she will feel. 109 more words

Abraham Hicks

Reach for alignment first and then...

“You are action-oriented to your detriment. And we’re not trying to talk you out of action, we’re just trying to talk you into alignment first, and then inspired action. 132 more words

Abraham Hicks

What is your point of attraction right now?

“Where you stand right here and now, what is your point of attraction?  What is the vibrational atmosphere that you have created?  Are you onry? Are you irritated? 664 more words

Abraham Hicks

How you feel is the key

“The Universe just knocks itself out presenting to you an exact replication of how you feel.”

Abraham Hicks, 19/7 2014

Inspiring Quotes From Abraham Hicks