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For the past few hours, I’ve been having flashbacks of the past. It just tore me apart. I broke down. I have never felt so broken. 150 more words

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Believe you will achieve success, you will. It takes time but you will eventually.
Believe you will become a “Failure” and you will be… But in time as well. 54 more words


Gratitude A to Z: V is for Versatile #inspirationalthought #gratitude #versatile

Today I am thankful for being versatile. My aunt taught me a long time ago that I could do anything and everything. When I was in my teens, she was a single mother of two children. 110 more words


Dewey Speaks About Fulfillment

Sometimes I feel like a comedian, and the world is my stage. Creating smiles is my thing. All dogs own the trait to make people smile, but when it’s your destiny, your perception towards it becomes something only a canine heart can understand, and only a human can appreciate. 290 more words


You've Got To Let It Go

I learned a while ago
You’ve got to let it go
And it’s not enough
Just to be tough
And those painkillers
Just prolong
How far a long… 24 more words