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Skating Through Life

(In my daily pursuit to ignite the second-half of life, I came across this. It’s a 16-minute short film (link below) that’s turned heads at film festivals, and now I know why. 514 more words

McTrip Posts

Sources of Instability in the MENA Region

CSIS. “The Causes of Stability and Unrest in the Middle East and North Africa: An Analytic Survey.” February 13, 2012.
A great briefing that looks at the underlying causes of instability in MENA. 257 more words

Social Media Protests

Social protests are not a new thing in human history. Social media protests are. People actually get the idea of what to protest about and the idea of how to do it by being exposed to similar protests in other countries through… 622 more words

Age Of Aquarius

Spinuzzi and Zachry: "Genre Ecologies"

Spinuzzi and Zachry: “Genre Ecologies” 173

“genres are stable only within temporal limits and that the exact form and function of future instantiations of a genre cannot be accurately predicted. 41 more words


Bauman: "The Evolution of Internet Genres"

Bauman: “The Evolution of Internet Genres” 272

“An equally important point is that because text forms embody all kinds of social and hierarchical relationships, a disruption to one part of the system is likely to cause disruptions elsewhere as well. 38 more words

Recurring Situations

Bauman: "The Evolution of Internet Genres"

Bauman: “The Evolution of Internet Genres” 270

“There are several challenges inherent in describing writing done on the Internet. First, the technology has been changing so rapidly that the forms are nowhere near stable. 88 more words

Genre Evolution

The Beautiful Law: In Search of Dynamic Stability

Reflecting on my work-in-the-world (which, as ever, is a mysterious work-in-progress), three phrases formed a bright triangle in my mind:

1. Service: the core of life, wisdom in action, becoming yourself by stepping out of yourself… 1,060 more words