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Space Buster

I think this project is quite brilliant. Upon first view, it’s a well designed, albeit quirkily shaped, mobile pop up space, completely self contained and adaptable. 109 more words


Interference: Camps Invisibles

Radio interference using everyday objects as a demonstration of the radio field that permeates an unseen space.


Wire Sculpture 2!

I finished making another figurative wire sculpture today. I decided to hang this one from the pipe going across my studio space and have also mixed up her body subtly like in my previous one.  66 more words


Spotted! A house made of wax in London

In last week’s post I recommended a visit to the Merge Festival as part of my things to do at the weekend. The festival, which is taking place… 130 more words


Anastasia Bolchakova / Cabinet de Fumisterie Appliquée

Fondé en 2007, par Elsa Ferry et Anastasia Bolchakova, le Cabinet de Fumisterie Appliquée expérimente des modes d’expression variés et leurs interactions : écriture, création plastique, exposition, performance. 40 more words


Linux installation from Hard Disk


#dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/mnt/wind/ss/disk.iso


after create the 3 .iso file, then reboot the machine and boot with cdrom or floopy


boot: linux askmethod… 12 more words