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180° II

This installation is inspired by Femto-Photography, and is a part of the series 180°.
My professor showed my Spatial Dynamics class a TED Talk by… 142 more words

Teresa Posyniak's Beautiful Losers

Teresa Posyniak is a painter and sculptor best known for her work with encaustic, using hot beeswax to create rich, sensual surfaces that incorporate textures, drippings, splatters and layers of tinted, glowing colors. 1,068 more words


Update to Projection Mapping

In regards to Projection Mapping, Hylacon has been sharpening its tools, more projectors, more complex visuals and bringing it into the local music scene. We have recently been working with Dundee based band Scary People, shortly after their return from playing gigs such as T in the Park and Wickerman, to bring a refined, unique look to their new video for the single Guided by the Blind. 149 more words

Graphic Design

Launch Lights, Projection Mapping/Music Harmony


Overview -

This was the first instance of me(Louis McFie) and The Hylacon Design Companies’ adventure into the realms of projection mapping, already having a strong affinity for stage graphics and visuals used at gigs and concerts, we decided to see if we could create a hybrid between light and sound for use on the commercial stage. 171 more words

Graphic Design

Hygienic Dress League - Street Art Installations

Hygienic Dress League just got in contact with us about some awesome new street-art installations. From murals to printing the HDL logo on toilet paper and setting them up in a number of washrooms, HDL has got some funky fresh new stuff for your viewing pleasure.