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The Instax and its Polaroid Predecessor

After purchasing my Instax 210, I realized I had found myself saying lots of things that were incorrect. Mainly, I was claiming Instax to be “Polaroid” pictures when technically – they’re not.   607 more words


New toy.

I just recieved my new toy. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera. In pink of course because I’m a girl!
Seems simple enough to use. There’s a brightness adjustment dial you need to set (camera tells you where!) and then just aim and shoot. 76 more words

[Week 15] Hearst Tower in NYC

I look up to this building literally and figuratively. Everyday I pass by, I am amazed by its beauty. And learning how it was built and the environmental considerations the builders have put into it, makes me more amazed. 260 more words


[Week 13] Don't you wish you can travel the world?

I do. But I can only stare at this globe everyday, spin it slowly, and dream. For now.

Maybe I could one day. Who knows?



WOOW I never thought I would see the day Polaroid film would make a full comeback. This is going to give away my age but who cares. 137 more words


Polaroid - Instant android camera

The world’s first Android-powered camera with an interchangeable lens introduced by polaroid. An inkless printing system enables users to print stickers of their sepia-tinted images. 90 more words