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Recent instant shot showing lack of teeth


Instant Film Is Fun!

After I had tried the Impossible Film on a vintage Polaroid camera a while ago and seeing the awful results was disheartening, because it turns out that I need to get a “frog tongue” installed on the polaroid camera and well, I ended up couldn’t be bothered and gave up. 455 more words


Google just got a patent for a modern Polaroid

It looks like it’s not just hipsters and Taylor Swift who are getting back into instant photos. Google was awarded a patent today (Jan. 20) for a handheld digital camera that can print out photos. 241 more words

Polaroid Land Model 95A

Edwin Land describes it as “the apocryphal story”: after taking photos while on vacation in 1943, his daughter asked him why she couldn’t see the photos right away. 172 more words


The 'One Minute Camera' - Camera Jugaad

‘The One Minute Camera’ exemplifies the art of earliest surviving Commercial Street Photography practice in India from the early 20th Century – a form of Calotype, the process first announced by… 1,569 more words

Batch Of 2015

Retro Paris

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you a broken camera, make retro instant camera photos!

These photos were taken in my last few days in Paris with a Fujifilm instant camera after my digital camera decided it too needed a holiday from my relentless snapping across Europe. 71 more words

Random Snaps

A Review Of The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

At first sight of the Polaroid Socialmatic camera, it was quite easy to conclude that the manufacturing company had simply transformed the Instagram logo into a device. 474 more words