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For Pete's Sake...Lick the Bowl!

When I was young my mother would bake from time to time. Sometimes I would get so excited. She would give me the bowl to lick the batter while I waited for the cake to bake. 218 more words


Waiting for Amaryllis

I’ve been watching my amaryllis grow flower stalks for, jeez, it seems like a month now. They emerged from the awakening bulbs after a month of dormancy and slowly, slowly inched upwards. 207 more words


Le Verre Bouteille, Paris

In Paris and after a late concert at the Palais des Congres, we were at a loss to find a place serving food nearby at 11:30pm. 158 more words

Instant Gratification

Generation of Immediate Gratification

When did we start being an impulse society? Eating on impulse, spending on impulse, fucking on impulse, leaving permanent marks on our body on impulse? Living with life mantras “carpe diem” and “strike while the iron is hot” instead of the less quoted ones – such as “good things come to those who wait” or “carpent to coma nepotes”? 371 more words

La Petite Maison, Mayfair, London

The other day, I met my friend Jeff for a bite. As it was the 29th of December, we agreed that it was the perfect day for a long, extravagant lunch. 318 more words

Instant Gratification