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A Reflection on Programming Bootcamp (in Abstract)

I made the decision to attend a 9-week intensive programming boot camp. I can honestly say that this was the most academically challenging experience of my life. 799 more words


El Chiringuito, Ibiza

The Saturday in Ibiza, we woke up late and had a leisurely breakfast at our hotel and hung out next to the pool until our 3:30pm lunchtime. 177 more words

Instant Gratification

The Daily Takedown:: ESPN Suspending Stephen A. Smith Is Pointless

Sports commentator and “First Take” host Stephen A. Smith was suspended from the ESPN airwaves for one week for some remarks he made about the… 299 more words

The Daily Takedown

I Just Want To Write

The super stellar thing about having my own blog is that it’s mine to do with what I please. I really thought that having a writing schedule would be my answer to… 142 more words


Instant Gratification is NO Gratification!!!

My father was an avid Golfer. That does not mean he was a great golfer. But he was a passionate golfer. He played as often as he could, competed in every local interclub competition, watched Jack Nicklaus videos and videotaped competitions, rarely traveled without his golf kit and was the captain of his club a record number of times. 944 more words

Do we all crave instant satis...


Of course we do!  If you clicked this post because you felt the need to read the last half of the word, then admit it…you want instant gratification as much as the next person.  473 more words

Modern Life

The Mooring, Newport, Rhode Island

Sunday to Wednesday of last week, I was at a conference in Newport. My colleague and I quickly learned that the best networking was done at the events outside of the conference, not actually attending the panels. 511 more words

Instant Gratification