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Various Moods of SMS to fit to your Personality

SMS today have become part and parcel of our daily life. Whether to interact with your good friends or with customers or with relative SMS have ended up being an essential way to ‘communicate’ throughout the modern period. 483 more words

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Facebook Will Soon Force Users To Download Its Messenger App

Facebook’s most recent effort to keep mobile users perpetually engaged on its services has been to diversify its app offering. The move has given rise to services such as Paper and Messenger, which are direct offshoots of its main ‘Big Blue’ app. 225 more words

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Conversational Coherence in Instant Messaging and Getting Work Done

This paper explores the critical role conversational coherence plays in facilitating the ongoing, distributed work of one virtual team as they engage in instant messaging… 76 more words


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New Peugeot cars can be obtained from around 15,000 unwanted fat. However, many times you may not have access to enough rewards your wallet to gain a whole new car. 501 more words

Instagram is working on a Snapchat Rival, called Bolt, according to a Leak by Instagram

Looks like everybody is trying to be Snapchat lately: Facebook failed to acquire it and so released its own Snapchat competitor, called Slingshot. And now, Instagram too seems to be working on one, and it will be called Bolt. 71 more words

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In China, more people now access the internet from a mobile device than a PC

China has been going through an explosive internet adoption period, with mobile playing a key role in getting people online.

And now, the latest report… 479 more words


Five Options for Enjoyment utilized by teens!

Teen-age time period is considered to be the vital time frame of a person’s life span. Apart from hormonal enhancements, there are numerous modifications that influence their thinking, way of life and their practices. 604 more words

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