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Instapundit has the perfect response to Matt Yglesias tweet

Credit Instapundit Glenn Reynolds for crafting the perfect response to the latest bit of compelling click-bait from the explainers at Vox.

You won’t remember this story: …

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Romney 2016: He Warned Us...

A small ray of hope in the bleak landscape of future leadership in this country (and therefore the world).  Mitt Romney has re-surfaced!

True, we have done without leadership for many years now. 335 more words

The plot thickens: 'Who is Instapundit protecting?'

In Instapundit Glenn Reynolds, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has someone who can relate to herallegedly:

I've been sexually harassed by many female Senators and journalists.

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Why we should be afraid of the police

“The buzz phrase in policing today is officer safety. You’ll also hear lots of references to preserving order, and fighting wars, be it on crime, drugs, or terrorism. 210 more words


Democrat One Percenters Cash in on Obama

Here’s something to remember the next time you hear anyone on the left mention income inequality.

Members of Obama’s inner circle are enriching themselves based purely on their association with him. 312 more words


Democrats Played a Very Stupid Hand in the Indictment of Rick Perry

And everybody knows it. Even liberals like Jonathan Chait…

This Indictment Of Rick Perry Is Unbelievably Ridiculous

They say a prosecutor could get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich, and this always seemed like hyperbole, until Friday night a Texas grand jury announced an indictment of governor Rick Perry.

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repeal Section 18C now ... or use it!

Anti-semitic racism hits Australia’s Education system, now where are those 18Ccharges they so wanted to keep?

This story, at least has now been picked up internationally. 225 more words