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Instapundit: The Politics Behind #Ferguson

Multiple leftist groups have joined the riots in Ferguson.

Clearly, there’s a political angle to this. With the left, there is always a political angle. 185 more words


No need to panic over "amnesty"

And probably no need to impeach, either, despite what I said earlier. The Worm’s big amnesty decree was a lot less than advertised, which is typical of him and his administration. 423 more words


Why I don't Tweet

For one thing, they’re so short and pithy, you can wind up seeming to mean something you didn’t intend. Or if you say something you do intend it might be understandable in context but look very unwise standing alone. 63 more words


Shrinkage: More charges of 'doxxing' by Instapundit 'downsized' by accuser

As Twitchy reported, an opinion piece on #Shirtgate by Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds published in USA Today brought out the crazy in a big way, with people accusing Reynolds of “doxxing” (publishing private information about) Atlantic writer Rose Eveleth, whom he called on his blog a ( 518 more words


#Shirtstorm: Glenn Reynolds' USA Today column on 'one giant leap backward for womankind' brings out the crazy

So I go away for a few hours and now @instapundit's not allowed to have opinions? Great job, internet.

— Mark Hemingway (@Heminator) November 15, 2014…

1,257 more words

Glenn Reynolds Has Ideas For Republicans

And they should listen.

I agree with all of these.

Looks like Iowahawk does too…

1. Endorsed 2. Endorsed 3. Endorsed 4. Endorsed 5. Endorsed 6. Endorsed http://t.co/2JPJDO3wqy

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) November 10, 2014


Barry's Temper Tantrum

I understand his mea culpa over the Republican wave was a doozy. No mea culpa, actually. Of course not. Megalomanical. Narcissistic. Childish. All the usual Wormtongue encomiums. 114 more words