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Tonight's TV3 programme to focus on Moorehall Lodge

A programme focusing on the staff, residents and families at Moorehall Lodge in Ardee will air on TV3 at 9pm tonight.

‘Home from Home’ is a one hour documentary which will show how Moorehall has broken away from traditional nursing home care and abolished any signs of institutionalism such as drug trollies, name tags and staff uniforms. 48 more words


No political economy in the future of organizational sociology?

In this closing essay of a virtual panel on The Future of Organizational Sociology I want to suggest a direction that was only briefly hinted at in two of the preceding 13 essays: More engagement with political economy. 1,385 more words


Why before how: “Distinctive and indispensable” beats “sophisticated but superfluous”

Organizational sociology, I would argue, has become increasingly sophisticated over the years; but it has done so in ways that make it less interesting to non-organizational sociologists and, hence, less able to survive outside the hothouse microclimate of a self-styled organizational studies program. 1,457 more words


Does organizational sociology have a future? Leadership matters in shaping the turn of events

A response to the question of what is the future of organizational sociology first depends on understanding how the institutional and organization environment has changed. 1,066 more words


Organizational sociology has a past and, with luck, it can have a future

I was happy that the Organizations, Occupations and Work Section sponsored a panel discussion at the American Sociological Association meeting this year (2014) on this topic—one that has long been of concern to me. 1,267 more words


Organizational sociology that does not address climate change has little future

Does organizational sociology have a future?

The more important question is does mankind have a future in view of climate change. Sociology in general has been slow to deal with this problem, the major one facing mankind, and since organizations are responsible for most of the mounting emissions of greenhouse gases, organizational theorists should be leading the way. 636 more words


Why we should stop worrying about organizational sociology

Following the panel on “The Future of Organizational Sociology” at the 2014 American Sociological Association meeting, there seems to be a worry that we’re a subfield that is out of touch with mainstream sociology. 1,390 more words