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Prison - The New Mental Institution??

I was thinking the other day about a woman who burned me pretty badly this year.  She conned people out of thousands of dollars and countless resources – one of those people being myself.  466 more words


Blattman on Institutions

Chris Blattman has put up a very nice response to my institutions posts, including a number of good points on what the institutions literature in economics tends to overlook. 29 more words

The Skeptics Guide to Institutions - Part 4

The final installment of my series on the empirical institutions literature. Quick summary of the prior posts:

  1. Part 1: cross-country studies of institutions are inherently flawed by lack of identification and ordinal institutional indexes treated as cardinal…
  2. 969 more words

Muse Awards 2013 - 2014

Recognizing outstanding achievement in museum media, the Media & Technology Professional Network presented its 25th annual Muse Awards past May 2014. Given to institutions or independent producers that use digital media to enhance the museum experience and engage audiences, the Muse Awards celebrate community, innovation, creativity and education. 559 more words


The Tricky Question of Falling Oil Prices

The price of crude has been in near free fall, dropping by nearly 30% since the early summer. While the oil-consuming world may feel they have cause to celebrate, the situation is reversed for oil-producing countries and companies. 993 more words

Human Interest

Is Abortion Harmful?

I have been familiar with numerous institutions throughout my lifetime, ranging from schools to sports teams to places of employment. One institution I have been a part of for a long time is the Catholic Church. 466 more words

The Personal Is Political

Shifting mindsets, making history

Climate change made the news several days in mid-September. That was the least that could be done to acknowledge the massive and historic mobilization of people… 906 more words