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Museums Engaging Audiences

A museum, though a public institution and an educational one at that, is not a public school. Participation is voluntary, and in most cases visitors must pay to enter the site. 772 more words


The Corrupt King

Soccer is the world’s game. The 2006 World Cup Final had 260 million viewers, more than the estimated 98 million that watched the Superbowl. Unfortunately, the world governing body of soccer, FIFA, might just be the most corrupt and archaic institution in all of sports. 844 more words


Feminism in Three Parts: Part 1--The Problem

*Disclaimer: These are my personal views not a philosophical argument or theory. Some things can’t be grounded.*

I’ve been meaning to write something about feminism ever since the (strange to me) controversy started happening in the media about women calling themselves “feminist” or not. 928 more words


How is cultural assimilation affected by community leaders?

Why do certain immigrant groups tend to assimilate, while others don’t? This post argues that immigrant institutions (such as religious communities or foreign language media) have an important role in determining the degree of assimilation. 1,560 more words