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On the Philippine Senate investigations

A taste test of the cakes should’ve been conducted by the Philippine Senate.  The politician’s palate being a most reliable gauge would’ve instantly concluded the debate over overpricing.   759 more words


Ice breaker

Are the Filipinos, politicians and otherwise, who’ve so far done The Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS also staunch supporters of the RH Law? I assume they are because the ALS Association, the fund recipient, supports stem cell research (including embryonic stem cell research) which as far as the CBCP goes is as radical as RH.  730 more words


How research pushes the boundary ...

Research is often characterised as the act of intense and structured search. Though this view is not wrong, it doesn’t get to the core of what research is and what it is about. 780 more words


In Moderation Limbo - Michael Mann's legal fictions


The treason trial of Aaron Burr, legal pleadings or legal fictions?

A Comment Lost in Limbo

Steve McIntyre. announced a change in moderation policy a few days ago at his blog… 1,918 more words


Is competition inevitable (and is that a bad thing)?

Some of Weber’s definitions:  (38)

  • Conflict– a social action oriented intentionally to carrying out the actor’s own will against the resistance of the other party or parties…
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Twin Oaks

Philippine cities: the challenge of Quality of Life

Quality of life is not only what you find in the shops;
it’s about the landscape.

- Donald Tusk

This can stand as a city’s or metropolitan’s urban development strategy statement.

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Zombie Britain

By Mike Small

A report out today confirms what has motivated the independence movement for years: the realisation that Britain is an archaic, centralised society based on privilege and the hereditary principle that closes doors to the many and paves the way for the few. 655 more words