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The US Government's torture report: power in vulnerability

When a world superpower makes known it’s vilest of mistakes the rest of the world is dumbfounded and recovering say, Whoa!  Is it for real?  Who in his or her right mind puts a self-annihilating report out there?   215 more words


Sum of me

State tried to make me a machine
Religion tried to make me a ghost
Mother made me a shard of glass in a coke bottle


Former Seattle mayor urges divesting from fossil fuel

Sometimes the best measure of a movement’s momentum is the reaction of its critics. When, in early October, the Australian National University (ANU) announced that it would sell its shares in seven fossil-fuel and mining companies, it triggered a chorus of criticism from the country’s conservative politicians.

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Doing development differently -- the rebirth of 'the science of muddling through'

It is a commonplace that the pendulum of economic development scholarship and practice swings back and forth from one set of (faddish) ideas to another.  But beneath this back-and-forth cycling is another, longer cycle —  the tension between a search for grand, seemingly scientifically-grounded solutions, and an approach to problem-solving which self-consciously is more pragmatic, incremental. 115 more words

Who bears the risk of innovation failure?

Innovation is all about novelty, about charting new territory and sailing unknown waters. This implies that the outcome of any innovative endeavour is by no means certain, let alone predetermined. 1,013 more words