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Rogue investigations

It’s happening again, this time with the alleged overpricing of cakes and parking building of the Makati City Local Government Unit.

What rules do the Blue Ribbon Subcommittee follow when conducting investigations? 2,413 more words


‘Ideal’ Asylum/Psychiatric Spaces: contemporary parallels with the nineteenth century

By Kim Ross

I have just finished reading a BBC article titled “How patients might design a psychiatric hospital” by Tom Heyden . I was very interested to hear the proposals that would contribute to the ‘ideal’ psychiatric ward, as this was essentially what I have attempted to uncover for nineteenth century asylum spaces. 1,118 more words


Inclusive Growth – some steps in the right direction

Last week I emphasised the need for strong definitions when using ‘inclusive growth’ in strategies and work plans. I also highlighted some possible ingredients that should be considered for this. 412 more words

Private Sector

'Fiery', 'Passionate' and the Ongoing Spanish Crisis

Partly finished housing in the notorious Residencial Francisco Hernando, Seseña, south of Madrid.

It’s always been easy to describe the Spanish as ‘fiery’ and ‘passionate’. But this cliché, often central to the propaganda of the Franco regime, is increasingly true, if in a different sense: ‘fiery’ and ‘passionate’ describes the indignation of the Spanish people at the corruption, sacking and theft that has occurred in their country during the democratic transition (1978 – present). 1,224 more words

Peter A. Hall & Michèle Lamont ask: What is the impact of three decades of neoliberalism on communities and individual lives?

What is the impact of three decades of neoliberalism on communities and individual lives?  What are the sources of social resilience that allowed some groups to sustain their well-being in the face of neoliberal blast waves, while others suffered losses? 158 more words


Sexual abuse, silences and sources: Did the Victorians better protect their vulnerable children?

A recent news item on the Nature web site discussed a ‘severe publication bias’ in the Social Sciences:

‘When an experiment fails to produce an interesting effect, researchers often shelve the data and move on to another problem.

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On the Philippine Senate investigations

A taste test of the cakes should’ve been conducted by the Philippine Senate.  The politician’s palate being a most reliable gauge would’ve instantly concluded the debate over overpricing.   760 more words