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Advice for the first-year teacher

As I revised some of my classroom materials and worksheets for the new school year, I began to reflect on what it was like for me the first year that I was a teacher. 279 more words

Developing Fluency in "New Literacies"

The growth of Information and communication technologies (ICT) is causing a shift in what are and will be deemed best instructional practices in our schools. Many educators participated in a school system that was based on the printed text and have had to adjust their own learning and teaching practices to incorporate “new literacies.” New literacies such as blogs, wikis, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are a part of the learning, employment and social realms of the students in our classrooms today. 555 more words


Is There a Psychological Trick Behind Homeschooling?

Many people disapprove of homeschooling. Parents are supposedly unqualified to formally teach anyone, much less their own children. In reality, the naysayers oppose bucking tradition. This is easily done without consideration of facts or the desires of the homeschooler. 394 more words