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Practice and Science of Drawing - Blocking in, Drawing Curves

Harold Speed is talking about the process of going from a basic line drawing to a more finished and accurate drawing. The process involves something called, “blocking in”, and “seeing the curves”. 1,488 more words


Power of One!

“The difference between poverty & plenty can be just one person & just one instruction! Simon Peter can testify to this! -Luke 5:5-6. Now, your own testimony with Jesus Christ is next!” – Pastor Saheed

INSANE Talent - Autodidacticism

I’ve been warned that blogging about your children isn’t a smart thing to do, in terms of engaging an audience. Well, here’s my “work-around” for that rule: I’m going to share the work of a brilliant young artist, who happens to be my son.   524 more words


Playing Out of Trouble

“Frustration is the well from which all wisdom springs!”

It’s frustrating when you think you just hit the drive of your life only to see it drift inexorably into the timberland on the right of the fairway. 501 more words


Screenwriting Book - Scriptshadow Secrets

Scriptshadow Secrets (500 Screenwriting Secrets Hidden Inside 50 Great Movies) by Carson Reeves

This is the book that really changed the way I watched movies. When I came across Carson’s site, I thought I knew all there was to know about movies. 276 more words


Teaching in Colour

A few weeks ago in a bit of (short-lived) spring cleaning fervour, I happened upon an old course binder for grade 10 History.  It was coded HCT2A, so you can do the math as to how old it was.   658 more words

Seek Willing

Direction is highly sought after–so many prayers, “Show me the way to go.” “I don’t know what to do–please!”

These are pleas that I hear continually. 620 more words