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Jingle Bells ... and all that fun stuff.

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Just want to remind everyone that our primary business is producing ballroom dance instructional DVDs — and yes, our instructions are for the beginner and introductory intermediate level dancer.   134 more words


Technology- Infused Classroom...

Image Caption: How do you turn this thing on?

(I was looking for a video that would show what I envisioned for my classroom, but this video struck me as more important because it forced me to ask the important question: Will my technology infused classroom truly benefit my students by increasing learning and engagement or is it simply to show off my technological devices?) 268 more words


Q&A: Primitive Slackline Pulley Multiplier

What is a slackline pulley multiplier?

A slackline pulley multiplier is a rig setup that is attached to the end of a slackline’s pulley system to increase its mechanical advantage – or multiply it – when you pull the line. 351 more words


Teachers Shadowing Students: Doing What Students Do

Teachers Shadowing Students: Doing What Students Do.
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^^ Yes, this.

Wish I’d thought of doing this myself when I was a young and inexperienced teacher. 120 more words


The eightysecond åsic- Second Day in an American Teacher's Hectic World

At home I don’t teach English, but Swedish as a Second Language. This evening I had the great opportunity to visit an adult learner’s group in Spanish at a College not far from where I am. 335 more words


Saying It Right At The Right Time

Proverbs 15:23 – A person finds joy in giving an apt reply— and how good is a timely word!

Have you ever heard the phrase; “Thanks I needed that?” Or have you ever told someone that? 124 more words