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How Does Staffing Affect Technology Integration & Support?

How does staffing affect technology integration and support? That was the question I sent out to districts across the state of Texas and twitter.  I asked those districts to fill out a survey and self-evaluate how well they support technology (Technology Services) and how well they integrate technology in the classroom and curriculum (Instructional Technology).   586 more words


The Devil’s Advocate Part 2: Tech Integration Should Stop

Please note: These “Devil’s Advocate” posts are not my views or daily practice. However, as an exercise I think we all need to slow down and ask ourselves if we are doing the correct things in the correct ways. 627 more words


Leadership: Getting the 21st Century Academic Engine to Actually Work

My academic team was fumbling around Friday not getting much done, yet at the same time getting a lot of interesting things done.  We have finished a penny war in the community, raising money for a student in our community whose family had been displaced by a fire, and several of us were standing in front of the coin counting machine commenting on old technology that still has purpose (the coin counting machine) and new technology and what purpose some of it might have in the future (other than its currently designated purpose). 795 more words

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My Current View of Educational Technology

In order to understand my view on educational technology, you first have to understand my own journey.  My employment history has shaped the way I think about this industry and how frequently, I think, technology is misused in the classroom. 1,438 more words

The Devil's Advocate Part 1: The Classroom and Entitlement

     I find it to be part of the human condition that we are always guilty of accepting things as truth that are often unproven theories that appear to work well. 809 more words

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New D2L Capability: Attendance Tool

The D2L Attendance Tool

Where is it?

Did you notice that your D2L menu just got bigger? It’s because we now have the Attendance tool. Look for it at the top left corner of the screenshot in Figure 2, between… 670 more words

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