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What Needs to be Done

Oil Tank

  • Strip and repaint Oil Tank Straps and Brackets 
  • Manufacture new bolts 
  • Replace and re-rivet rubber padding on Oil Tank Straps 
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Road Trip

Greg and I measured all of the strings representing wiring paths this morning and took notes. Then took the instrument panel and avionics shelf out of the airplane and gathered all of the components we needed to take to SteinAir for our 1:00 meeting. 360 more words

Long Ez

String Theory

Today I got the rest of the GTN650 mounting bracket done and clecoed into place on the panel. After that, I turned to fabricating a shelf for the remote LRUs of the G3X system. 367 more words

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Homecoming gifts

Today was the last day of reserve, and I actually got some flying this time around. I flew back from Mexico City this morning, and it was the clearest I have ever seen it over Mexico. 729 more words

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2014-11 Instrument Panel additions

Now that I have ordered some custom switch covers, and I have installed the Light dimmer unit on the back of the instrument panel at the Pilot side, I have some additional work to do on the panel. 229 more words


SOPWITH CAMEL F1 – HASEGAWA 1:8 (PART 4): Instrument Panel

As a bit of light relief, and also to put off the time when I have to embark on the main structure of this camel, I decided to assemble the instrument panel.   937 more words


2014-10 Electrical Panel changes

After finishing the Transponder tray onto the canard, I testfit the cables and connections as I envisioned it. Well, this is where you find out that what you imagine it does not always work. 333 more words