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2014-11 Lights ON !

So today I didn’t get too much done, other than taking the canard back off, so the wife can park the car back in the garage. 175 more words


The Village

Today is that day in the States where we gorge ourself on turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and a whole array of other delicious foods. It is also a day to surround ourselves with family and friends and enjoy the blessings of our lives. 1,085 more words

Homebuilt Airplane

2014-11 Hooking up the Avionics Wiring

Now that the canard is in, the instrument panel is in place, and the Side Sticks are installed together with the aileron rods, we can start planning the avionics wiring that is already installed to the back of the avionics on the panel. 136 more words


2014-11 Pilot Side Stick Installation.

Now that the panel is done, and it’s time to start wiring the airplane, it is also time to place the pilot’s Side Stick onto the LH sidewall. 451 more words


What Needs to be Done

Oil Tank

  • Strip and repaint Oil Tank Straps and Brackets 
  • Manufacture new bolts 
  • Replace and re-rivet rubber padding on Oil Tank Straps 
  • 517 more words

Road Trip

Greg and I measured all of the strings representing wiring paths this morning and took notes. Then took the instrument panel and avionics shelf out of the airplane and gathered all of the components we needed to take to SteinAir for our 1:00 meeting. 360 more words

Long Ez

String Theory

Today I got the rest of the GTN650 mounting bracket done and clecoed into place on the panel. After that, I turned to fabricating a shelf for the remote LRUs of the G3X system. 367 more words

Long Ez