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My grandmother asks me to sit for one of her family members. I am not familiar with the house; I have never been here before. I am at this house with two ladies; I am unsure of their relation to myself or my grandmother. 291 more words


Why Your Low-Fat Diet Is Making You Fat

The title is catchy, huh? Well, maybe not for most of my friends, as they aren’t likely following a low-fat diet. But even if this doesn’t apply to you, I encourage you to read on in case you’re ever presented with the opportunity to drop some knowledge on peeps in your life who may be following this archaic way of managing their weight. 1,935 more words

Curb Your Sweet Tooth with OmniTrim Extra Enhancer!!

Omnitrition’s OmniTrim Extra Enhancer┬« combines the benefits of calcium, magnesium, potassium, gymnema sylvestre and chromium in a fiber base. All of these minerals work together to help stabilize your mood, your blood sugar levels, and curb sweet tooth cravings. 275 more words


Having diabetes is a piece of cake, right?

TLDR version: No.

Long version: Type 1 diabetes is a chronic condition with no cure. As a diabetic, there are two options: Learn to manage your diabetes and live a long, happy life, or don’t. 896 more words


The Science of Omelettes

New research:
“Our findings do not support current vascular health guidelines suggesting the extreme limitation or avoidance of egg consumption due to its cholesterol content.”
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It's a Simple Business, This Powerstrips

Unless we’re very solitary individuals who either already live in or dream of the day they will move to Alaska, we all know at least a few people. 693 more words

FGXpress Powerstrips

And Now It's Time For A Diabetic Laugh...

I found this on facebook and had to share it here for those of you who have not seen it. I think jokes about diabetes are funny as long as the person telling them actually understands diabetes. 462 more words