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Diagnosed Diabetic, The Scary Story.

I had eluded to this post yesterday about when I was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. For the record I am needle-phobic. I always have been and always will be. 367 more words


Sea Snail's Weird Hunting Method Sheds New Light on Insulin

The questionably cute but slimy sea snail has a secret weapon for capturing its prey, scientists have discovered.

The cone snails have a have a high level of insulin in their venom that allow them to render small schools of fish sluggish by either shooting the potent venom into the water or via a harpoon-like sting. 193 more words

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Deadly 100

Over millions of years cone snails have evolved to have differences in prey preference. There are over 100 species of venomous cone snail that show a preference for fish. 386 more words


Some cone snails use a soporific insulin to ease catching their prey

What do cone snails, cobra snakes and fugu fish have in common?
The most powerful natural neurotoxic venoms known.

Even though cone snails are only a couple inches long, they can easily kill significantly bigger animals–including humans–by using a little harpoon to inject a tiny drop of a lethal mixture of more than a hundred powerful toxins, or… 218 more words


Slow-Cooked Lamb-Shanks with Celeriac & Sugar-Snap Peas - delicious low carb splendour!

People have often said to me they find slow-cooking ‘fussy’ and time-consuming; with the impression you have to plan your life around your food, not visa versa. 906 more words

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She's Got Sugar

I’m one in roughly 30 million, a number that still boggles the mind, no matter how much I see it grow from year to year, the percentage of Americans with type 2 diabetes—it’s 9%. 990 more words

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Managing Cortisol (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of the Managing Cortisol Trilogy. In Part 1, we discussed 5 effects cortisol has on your body, and how this directly impedes your athletic performance and your everyday life. 587 more words