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Pan-Seared Leg-of-Lamb-Steaks with Braised Celery & Red Pepper Dauphinoise - Low Carb & Keto-Friendly!

The heir-apparent to the French royal family has been known as the  ‘Dauphin’ since 1349. Strangely enough, it took until 1788 for the well-known potato dish to take on that name. 259 more words

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Smoked Mackerel with French Beans, Hard-Boiled Eggs & Fiery Scotch Bonnets - the Perfect Low Carb Starter!

High in the right kind of fats, super low in carbs, and wondrously quick and easy! The power of the scotch bonnets cuts perfectly through the richness of the mackerel and the dressing. 201 more words


Perspective Check: Choosing To Become A Type 1 Diabetic

The couple months since my re-diagnosis from Type 2 to Type 1 have been a real challenge for me. I’ve had to wrap my head around researching a very different disease from what I learned the initial four months about Type 2, and have had to try to accept that I will be dependent upon insulin for the rest of my life. 321 more words

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The spooky derelict house...

As it’s the weekend, I have time to vary my morning walk a little. A mile and a half out, lies this gruesome place!

I think the thing I find the… 91 more words

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Do you ever feel followed?

Sometimes it’s nigh on impossible leaving the house to take a walk!

Could this be the neediest cat in England?

He dislikes being in the open, so stops and screams as soon as you go into the field. 81 more words

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Week 2 - Sun 12th October

Well, two weeks in. Just to remind you all, I started the ketogenic diet at 15 stone, 10 pounds. My goal is 12 and a half stone, by mid-March 2015. 762 more words

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Susan's ketogenic experiment

Now for something different: Susan came to me this week wanting some support as she embarked on a ketogenic diet. As a woman who is both an avid consumer of information and investigative, she’s done a lot of reading about it but hadn’t come across a much information on the effects of a ketogenic diet on a woman of her age.  2,035 more words