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Some Fun Stuff

I woke up this morning to a fucking lovely text from The Threatening Bicyclist, and figured that today seems like a good day to share some of my ridiculous dating drama. 102 more words

The Current Complaints

They aren’t mine.

Last weekend I hung out with two of my oldest friends. Separately. I meet one at The Flying Saucer on Friday and went with the other one to Del Friscos Grille on Saturday. 250 more words

The representative of the movie insulting to the Prophet sues Google

Help Point  Gaylord representative Flynn has sued Google on a promotional video clip for the film innocence of the Muslims, which hurts the Prophet, in second case of representatives appeared in the film.Flynn said in the lawsuit filed Friday in a Federal Court in California, he received death threats and feared for his life, while Google continues to provide its users with access to aWillem through pirated sites on the Internet. 100 more words


Bitch don’t look at me with those hungry eyes
I’m not your dinner plate
Not your dirty gossip of the night
Bitch go on your own way… 264 more words

Slam Poetry

They Get Paid Too Much

You know what? So-called elite athletes are overpaid period. Make that way over paid.

These people are good at hitting, running, kicking or catching and pretty much nothing else. 896 more words


"Trust me, you can't sing..."

This morning, as I was walking from one 6th Form campus to the other with some friends, I started singing the song, ‘When Will My Life Begin’ from Disney’s Tangled. 374 more words

LOOKING FOR THE GOOD: DAY 1 - Escaping the Mundane

For quite some time now I have experienced ridiculous levels of negative human behavior. Whether it is selfishness, arrogance, disrespect for others, blatant rudeness or self-centered behaviors, its time to prove to myself that the good in people is still there and, hopefully, more common than I have experienced of late. 2,748 more words