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We pay to get degraded and insulted.

Rapper Nelly’s 2003 “Tip Drill” Video that became controversial for its overt depiction of women as sexual objects.

We pay to get degraded and insulted. Constantly purchasing records, concert tickets, and merchandise from rappers who perceive women to be sexual objects needs to come to an end. 466 more words


Seriously, STFU : Dear Fatty Edition

There’s a picture and “story” being passed around Facebook right now that’s labeled, This Was Unexpectedly Awesome – Facebook Message…” 

Below is the picture & the additional thoughts that were attached when I viewed it.  236 more words

Pet Peeves & A Few Rants

The Poor Man's Guide To Suicide

Warning: Extreme Profanity

by Andrew Armacost

Overall: Steer clear from this book at all costs

This book is the biggest, steamiest piece of shit that I ever read in my life. 2,865 more words

Book Review

It's called respect

In the last few days I have upset a number of women by merely addressing them as ma’am.  They accused me of insulting them by insinuating that they are ‘old ladies’. 31 more words



Like my previous few posts totally represent, my ex has made a reappearance in my life and is being absolutely infuriating. As a result, I have developed a relatively extensive list of reasons why, if ever given the opportunity (aka a totally idealistic situation scenario in which I would bear zero repercussions for this), I would slap him: 210 more words

Romance And Such

Bad Manners at Their Finest

So, who knows what I’m talking about when I say I recently got out from under a “bad boss?” I’m not referring to the guy who eats donuts and sleeps in his office, or the lady who shrugs off her work. 743 more words

Response: A Teacher's Tale

I just read this on my friend’s facebook status and decided that from the other side of the world I should write about it.  As usual, this will be a stream of consciousness so hopefully will make sense!  1,731 more words