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"Hey Fatty!" and Affectionately Offensive Commentary

In the same vein as a previous post about the plethora of identical nicknames, I have to bring up the tradition of totally direct and mildly offensive nicknaming and commentary throughout Latin America. 852 more words


Sermon for the 10th Sunday after Pentecost, 2014

This story of Jesus’ dealings with the Canaanite woman is one of those that many of us would probably rather not have in our Bible! Jesus just comes across as unfeeling, uncaring, and even rude! 1,900 more words


The Meme.....

Recently things called Meme’s have taken off on such sites as Facebook etc. Sometimes these are extremely funny, however sometimes they overstep the mark.

One such Meme was put up by George Takei, who received a lot of negative comments and press about it. 361 more words


Question 682: Why is important to have good manners?

It depends. Manners are a culture-dependent social obligation. Something you do in this culture can be seen as insulting in another culture (and vise-verso). All it means is that others will look at you odd if you don’t follow the unspoken rules of how we must treat each other. 46 more words

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Up for Discussion - You're Just a Blogger

Recently I was having a discussion with someone and I was told that I was “just a blogger”, with the implication being that I was no one important.   813 more words


Its Kind of a Funny Story review

So.. Awhile ago I read the book It’s Kind of a Funny Story… I enjoyed it quite a lot.

The let down is that people over glorify mental hospitals. 167 more words


i'm nor insulting you

i’m not insulting you, i’m describing you. wednesday quote