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Beware Greeks bearing gifts and the Labour Party bearing promises.

Or why you shouldn’t vote Labour in 2015, 2016 or until the seventh generation.

Or why Labour are a treacherous pit of snakes.

Labour are no longer the party of the working class, this is clearly shown by their policies and duplicities in the last few years so here’s a quick run down of the most recent ones. 519 more words

Gordon Brown

No bull-shit, zero tolerance policy:

Generally speaking, I enjoy comments. I’ve been lucky because most people have been respectful even when they disagree with me. I want to tell everyone – it’s ok to disagree with me. 213 more words

The power of ignorance

So this morning, I had to leave my design class because of ignorance so extreme that it was either walk away, cry, or turn to violence. 572 more words


For World Habitat Day, Snickers Is Here For You

Did you know? The first Monday of October is World Habitat Day. You probably had no idea there was such a day, but it’s been in effect since UN resolution 40/202 from 1985! 497 more words


Some Fun Stuff

I woke up this morning to a fucking lovely text from The Threatening Bicyclist, and figured that today seems like a good day to share some of my ridiculous dating drama. 102 more words

The Current Complaints

They aren’t mine.

Last weekend I hung out with two of my oldest friends. Separately. I meet one at The Flying Saucer on Friday and went with the other one to Del Friscos Grille on Saturday. 250 more words