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Insurance Reimbursement for Doula Services

“While doula care is non-medical in nature, it has both medical and cost benefits that have been proven in numerous randomized controlled trials. Doula services are not typically covered by insurance plans, but in recent years more and more people have had success in applying for reimbursement for the cost of doula fees from their insurance providers.” 9 more words


Access Your UV Index With This Online Tool

Did you know that you can access your UV index, which provides a forecast of the risk of overexposure to UV rays? This is a helpful tool for employers with outdoor workers. 114 more words


Affordable Care Act returns announced for Iowa consumers

Nearly 15,000 consumers will be receiving refunds from insurance companies this summer.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced Thursday the new health care law will refund $1,753,306 to Iowans. 102 more words


GEICO Spent Almost $1 Billion On Advertising Last Year

If it seems to you that Geico advertises during every program you watch on TV, you’re not wrong. The insurance company spent $935 million on ads last year, and there cannot possibly be anyone left in this country who doesn’t know how long it might take them to save 15% on car insurance. 127 more words

Why I Would Rather Go to the ER Than See My Primary Care Physician

The health care system is broken. I am 100% for utilizing primary care physicians, lowering health care costs, and reducing unnecessary testing. But my patience has finally come to its end. 432 more words


Are you in the bag for socialized medicine?

So Kaiser, which is a great example of crony capitalism in the face of an extortionist tsunami, produces a report that contradicts everything we know.


Another Convention Coming to Cleveland!


The American Bus Association (ABA) announced Thursday Cleveland will host the ABA’s annual Marketplace, to be held January 14-17, 2017 at the Cleveland Convention Center. 125 more words