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Auto Insurance on the Teenage Driver...The Secret

Teen Drivers and the Proverbial Problem

The question facing many parents of teenage drivers is whether to register and insure a car in the teen’s name or to put the car on the family’s auto policy. 255 more words

Cancer, Stroke or Heart attack in your family history?

Yeah, I know, not a pleasant topic. However unpleasant the topic is, it’s a reality that affects many of us directly and indirectly. Look at your family history or think of conversations you’ve had with friends and co- workers and ask yourself the question ” Has cancer, stroke or heart attack ever been a topic of discussion?”. 615 more words

General Advice

We Cram Fees Because We Care About You

Suppose you were a car dealer and you really cared about your customers well being. You know that even though state law requires proof of auto liability insurance to be made available to a police officer on demand (aka an insurance card), some of your customers can’t or won’t buy even the minimum required insurance. 560 more words


Herbert William Baker (1869-1959)

I added a new page on Herbert William Baker. He was a life insurance agent and a real estate and financial broker. He lived at 2020 Beach Avenue in 1905.


A Peace Of Mind Is A Piece Of Cake With Markel Event Insurance

If you’;re a bride-to-be, you’;ve already dreamed up your perfect day, made your wedding-to-do list, and have checked it twice, but then the question arises, “what if?” “What if my photographer bails?” “What if my wedding planner is a… http://goo.gl/YpcbWa

Daily Ideas

Insurance – pay through the roof, to insure your roof

So you just slammed into some moron’s Ferrari with your 90 model Hyundai. Yeah, the jerk was talking on his mobile, probably organising a sizeable money transfer to his charity organization called the “I Am A Tosser Foundation”, when he slammed on his brakes because he saw a school girl walking on the sidewalk who might not understand abuse as well as his previous 2 girlfriends, stupor models, that turned out to be his cousins who have since returned to prostitution. 827 more words


Certificate of Insurance vs. Evidence of Insurance

I’m trying to find out if there is any difference between a Certificate of Insurance and evidence of insurance. This has never been a thought or issue to me until today. 114 more words