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Closet Cleaning Part 1: The Lucky Ticket

Silvia Plath once noted, “[n]othing stinks like a pile of unpublished writing.” If this is the case, I have amassed quite the stinky pile. For a little end-of-summer cleaning, I’m freshening up my closet (aka hard drive), mixing metaphors and  posting a few stories I like but for which I have yet to find suitable homes. 4,464 more words


Jesus, the Insurrectionist?

There are three elements within Luke 23 that I have always understood independently, but never put together as a coherent whole until today.

In 23:2, Luke narrates Jesus’ appearance before Pilate wherein the Jewish leaders claim, “We found this one misleading our nation and forbidding us to pay our taxes to Caesar and saying that he is Christ, a king.” 470 more words

Biblical Studies

Highlights from the brain of a progressive communication scientist, writing his master thesis:

“We, today’s youth, we the new artists, the modern artists of this time think: No!
We consider ourselves to be the antipole to the emotional belly farting of any movement and past eras, culture or else. 236 more words


The need to sort and categorize things may be a productive natural instinct for human beings.  Still, this becomes pathological and dangerous when one cannot recognize that the reality of thing previously sorted does not fit in the box into which it had been placed.  944 more words



–I saw everything.
Amin and the woman sitting on the floor exchange a fraught glance.
–Lie down. Over here. She makes room for me beside the couch, and I go over and stretch out on the floor. 220 more words

Flash Fiction

The Quiet Counterrevolution of Human Rights Idealism

Transcribed from This is Hell! Radio’s 27 June 2014 episode and printed with permission. Edited for space and readability. Listen to the full interview: 3,193 more words

This Is Hell!