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[New publication] Professor Xavier is a Gay Traitor! An Anti-Assimilationist Queer Framework for Interpreting Ideology, Power & Statecraft

During my first semester of PhD coursework, I wrote a paper focused on Marxist theory, queer normativity and the X-Men.  At the time, my professor did not think too highly of my theoretical approach.   89 more words



“Episode quality”, this is the phrase that i have heard each and every time someone has talked about (or reviewed) Star Trek: Insurrection from the moment i stepped out of the theatre onwards. 651 more words


Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Next Generation crew appeared in 4 movies with only one of them being a real standout with the other 3 being okay, but could have been much better. 757 more words

Movie Mondays

“. . . We wanted words to fit our cold linoleum . . .” (Vern Rutsala)

June 28, 1660, was a day of Thanksgiving in England for the return of King Charles II. He had been in exile since the Glorious Revolution and beheading of his father, Charles I, on 30 January 1649. 1,164 more words


Insurrection Pure by Reyane 33 oz

Among all the best chocolates, coco pure chocolate is the only one with very low calories. Coco pure chocolate has been used as a great effective method to curb the appetite of many people. 321 more words

Unraveling of the World #56

“This is epic monument-style shit we’re in.”
 Elizabeth Norris

Yet another week and more difficulties, both domestic and foreign, to bring dis-harmony to the world. In the past week or two here at home we’ve experienced one more school shooting, this time in Oregon, the 74th since Sandy Hook. 672 more words

Modern Life