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Star Trek: The Next Generation Motion Picture Collection (First Contact / Generations / Insurrection / Nemesis) [Blu-ray]

First Contact After an epic battle against the Borg (cybernetically-enhanced life forms), Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise follow the Borg Sphere back into the 21st century to prevent the Borg from contaminating Earth’s timeline and preventing Earth’s first contact. 109 more words

“. . . A type of that twin entity which springs From matter and light . . .”

My students are writing this semester on my favorite class topic, “Writing about the grotesque.” Flannery O’Connor’s essay on the subject, her story “Parker’s Back,” the Robert Louis Stevenson story “The Body Snatcher,” the 1956 film… 1,086 more words


Preview photos of the Enterprise-E

Here are some photos of my Enterprise-E from Star Trek: First Contact. I am basing it off the Diamond Select Toys model starship. The model will be the same size as my Pegasus model. 41 more words


Matt Ferguson Partners With BYE BYE ROBOT For His STELLAR Star Trek: The Next Generation Lithograph Series

Some people just don’t know how to “take it easy” and one of those busy bodies is U.K. artist Matt Ferguson.  He has a full time day job, has participated in almost EVER single Poster Posse project and STILL manages to release additional art at an alarming rate! 396 more words


The Ethics of Blog Advertising

Successful bloggers make money. Lots of it. The most popular are multi-millionaires, making thousands a month in advertising dollars.

But these ads, generated by companies like Google’s AdSense and AdOn, are randomly generated—using algorithms that work off the users’ own text. 135 more words

#7: Insurrection

The Dragon Lady and her family had exited FBC a month or so earlier. Saying she and my former boss didn’t get along is like saying Hitler and the Jews had a disagreement. 1,502 more words

Church Split

The Greedy One Percent Who Wanted It All And Destroyed Everything.

Once upon a time in the land of Anywhere, in a world long since forgotten, there was, at one time, a kind of Golden Age. It was not, it has to be said, an age that was Perfect but it was agreed by almost all that it was an age that was much, much better than That That Had gone Before. 1,990 more words