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See Max Stirner. See Max Stirner Roll in His Grave: On Ferguson, OWS, and America's Crisis of Responsibility

“Implicit in the act of protest is the belief that a change will be forthcoming once the masters are aware of the protester’s “grievance” (the very word connotes begging, supplications to the gods).” 2,489 more words


Justice for Ferguson

The town of Ferguson, MO, has become synonymous with Beirut, Lebanon.

The pictures on television were indeed terrible with mobs of looting, violent protesters agitating, burning cars and businesses and terrorizing an entire American town. 358 more words

Greece: Insurrectionalist anarchist Nikos Romanos is on hunger strike from today 10.11.14

Asphyxiation for a breath of freedom

Last spring I sat university entrance exams from inside prison and got admitted to a university in Athens. Based on their laws, therefore, as of September 2014, I am eligible for educational furloughs from prison in order to attend the classes. 896 more words


Defying Almighty God

Judges are forcing their will upon the people of the United States. Numerous states have passed laws that make marriage to be exclusively between one man and one woman. 438 more words


Taking Control of Our Lives - Part 2

So, we have been lied to and manipulated by the media, corporations, and politicians. So what? What can we do about it?

It’s hard to know what, short of insurrection, can make a difference. 363 more words


Snarky Faith 9/16/14: Pete Rollins 101

Snarky Faith 9/16/14


Rundown of Peter Rollins 101 with best qualified persons on the topic – Pete Rollins.

Co-hosted with Ben Triplett.