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Throwback Post: Building Our Communities: Should we integrate or Separate?

During these past few months, there has been a lot of discussion about whether or not Jews of Color should integrate into White Jewish communities, or separate themselves and form their own. 508 more words

Kehila Magazine

Owl Moon Paintings

Before the winter break started I read Owl Moon to my second graders. It was a great opportunity to integrate and discuss describing words and phrases and how we should apply that to our art as well. 101 more words

2nd Grade

The real deal.

She stood up and cleared her throat…. The audience listened with rapt attention.

“When I was younger, I remember my “friends” telling me that I was a different person with some of them, and completely different with the others…. 196 more words

Confessions Of A Geisha

Coming Together at Christmas

Each year we think we’ve simplified our calendar, only to find out that as Christmas draws near, we have somehow confirmed our attendance at 12 Christmas functions.   520 more words

Permaculture Principles

Full Circle at Waffle House

Perkins doesn’t open until six.

But I woke up at three. And when I was up, I knew fairly quickly that it was an up-for-good kind of up. 1,273 more words

Self Improvement

Don't just model! Publish, share and integrate.

The ER/Studio Team Server REST Application Programming Interface (API) allows one application to talk to another application directly and securely.

ER/Studio Team Server provides a way to connect your database tools to your data sources with a centralized repository. 90 more words

Be Present

While learning the information you must be fully engaged.  This requires listening and internalizing the knowledge by making it your own.  The ultimate goal is to make the philosophy for success 100% part of you.   147 more words

The Law Of Success