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I Wanted an Upgrade

When I found the IMC program, I knew I wanted to be part of it. What really got my attention was the chance to learn today then apply the knowledge to my job tomorrow. 602 more words

Chasing The Customer ... 40 Days - Day 3

Marketing Communication

Today, the answer lies in customer-focused marketing or Integrated Marketing Communication. IMC is a key concept tool that can — in today’s diverse, media fragmented marketplace–explain the lifestyles, attitudes, media preferences, and motivations of distinct buyer groups or individuals and predict their likely buying behaviors in the future.

The Dark Side

I’m sure most of you have heard by now about the media storm surrounding Jian Ghomeshi and the CBC. Quick recap- Ghomeshi was fired by the CBC earlier this week after numerous allegations of sexual violence/ abuse were leveraged by several ex-girlfriends. 342 more words

Public Relations

Connecting With Consumers? It's Changing.

Emerging media can be defined as the “evolution of utilizing technology to share information in new and innovative ways.” Rather than sending a message from one source and having an audience receive it in many places, which is a defining characteristic of traditional media, emerging media provides brands with the opportunity of utilizing many sources to deliver information to a large audience. 295 more words

Emerging Media

What is Emerging Media?

Emerging media is an ever changing part of today’s society and culture in the United States. For every type of media you think of there is another one you have never even heard of. 281 more words

2014 Emerging Media

Marketing to a Global Audience: Making Your Company's Translation Projects More Efficient

By Marion Rhodes
English-German Translator

Every now and then, it is good for us translators to walk in the shoes of our clients and see what their internal struggles are when it comes to translating content for foreign-language markets. 1,451 more words


Hello from Knoxville, TN

I’ve introduced myself in 10 IMC courses so far, but it never comes easy. I’m excited to have signed on as a student blogger as I wrap up the program and practice my cap tossing for May 2015. 425 more words