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Morgantown Field Guide For INTEGRATE 2014

Last year, I designed a field guide to help first time students to WVU navigate Morgantown. (I will disclose that I am by no means a native of West Virginia, but the listed  attractions are places I have visited since I first began attending Integrate back in 2012.) Since your time in Morgantown will be limited, what attractions are you going to visit as part of INTEGRATE weekend? 29 more words

Watch your tone.

It’s not uncommon for me to save two or three versions of the same photo while editing. Even on the simplest subject, a change in contrast or saturation can really impact the overall mood of the photo. 117 more words

"Baking-In" Sharing and Social Needs and Why It Is Important

To me, the idea of sharing and social needs being “baked-in” to all of your content means that anything that is released as part of a marketing campaign should target the audience’s desire to share it. 375 more words

Snapchat, Instagram Direct: Consumer intent drives preference

Snapchat was first launched in 2011 as a photo-sharing app that allows the user to limit the time another person can see a photo once it’s received. 189 more words


Want to play a game for a Happy Meal?

Advergaming has become commonplace for consumer life and B2C marketing. Companies such as Chipotle and Burger King have created advergames that engage audiences in games that reinforce brand recognition and brand engagement. 125 more words