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Emerging Media and Why It Matters!

Emerging, innovative, non-traditional, and so on are the many names to refer to the latest and greatest media that is being developed as we speak. Whatever you want to call it, the fact of the matter is that we can hardly keep up with the plethora of new media platforms being created each week. 304 more words

Emerging Media

The Digital Watercooler

Long gone are the days when people would gather around the water cooler to discuss pop culture, current events, and TV shows. Most of the chatter was after the fact but not anymore. 169 more words


What to do when your social media fails

Whether it’s for personal or business, it’s not fun when your social efforts fall flat. While a number of reasons can lead to social media misfire, it’s a recoverable offense. 225 more words

Digital Marketing

Breaking Down the Tao of Social Media Marketing with Mark Schaefer

Two years ago, I was a first year graduate student looking to find a sense of professional purpose. With four classes completed, I decided to make the journey to Morgantown, WV to attend the annual INTEGRATE conference. 937 more words

Using social media to surprise and delight

I’ve managed to escape television advertisements for the past year, living without a paid cable subscription during this time. If word of an advertisement reaches me, it has to be viral by nature and integrated across multiple marketing touch points. 367 more words

Digital Marketing

The “Small m” of Marketing

A manufacturer’s recall notice and a trip, make that several trips, to the dealership has me thinking about the need to transform employees into brand ambassadors.  795 more words

Corporate Communications

Start with Authentic. Then Write.

A very active discussion occurred this week within my group on the topic of creative Web design. The diversity of the answers was engaging and, dare I say, bloggable. 271 more words

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