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esProc Integration & Application: License and Encryption

1. File encryption

esProc provides ways of encrypting cellset files to protect them from unauthorized access or use. There are two levels of encryption:

Execution privilege:By this privilege, users can set parameters, execute the cellset and see the cell values; they can also view the cellset descriptions and cell tips but cannot modify them. 902 more words


esProc Integration & Application: Deploying JDBC

Java programs can call esProc via JDBC. It is necessary for programmers to know how to deploy the esProc JDBC and familiarize themselves with the detailed configuration information. 1,512 more words


esProc Integration & Application: Integration with Jasper Report

esProc provides standard JDBC interface to be integrated easily with the reporting tool. This article will explain respectively the integration of esProc and Jasper Report in development environment and the deployment in WEB server-side. 1,279 more words


esProc Integration & Application: Integration by BIRT

esProc provides standard JDBC to integrate with BIRT and other reporting tools. Here we’ll explain the process of integration of esProc and BIRT in development environment and WEB application environment. 914 more words


How To: Integration



A fucntion F is an antiderivative of f on an interval I if F'(x) = f(x) for all x in I.

There are many antiderivates for such equation f because of the constants that can be present in the function. 70 more words


Multisectoral Approaches to Improve Child Growth through WASH, Nutrition and Early Childhood Development: A Webinar

On January 8, WASHplus collaborated with the CORE Group Nutrition and Social and Behavior Change working groups to host a one-hour webinar on multi-sectoral approaches to improve child growth and development; with a focus on improving the community knowledge of practice and sharing efforts for early childhood development, nutrition and WASH integration. 63 more words


“We should be so thankful that they're here”

“We should be so thankful that they’re here,” demographer William Frey says of immigrants boosting the USA’s diversity.  Mr Frey is a Senior Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program… 123 more words

Hispanic Unity