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Lord's Ground

Any late season Sunday, to judge by the old faithful gathered under a sun not long passed its summer prime; yes, it could have been any Sunday in September. 336 more words

Burgess Announces Complete Integration Of OceanStyle by Yacht Blog

The superyacht brokerage firm Burgess has announced the full integration of sister company OceanStyle into the worldwide Burgess brand. Formed by Burgess in 2005 to meet the requirements of a vigorous semi-manufacturing superyacht industry, OceanStyle has grown steadily in its nine 12 months… if you want to view full content please visit this … 7 more words

From Selling to Choosing CRM

I recently made a rather dramatic career move: I left Oracle, where I was part of a sales force over 20,000 strong, to join Venvy, where I’m one of the first sales employees. 203 more words

The fear of seeming racist is racist and preventing integration

On Wednesday 27th August, it was reported that 1,400 girls were victims of abuse. Authorities had known for 16 years but did nothing because they feared that speaking out against the perpetrators who were of Pakistani origin would seem racist.  585 more words

News, News, News


Things in Albania are constantly changing, whether it is new businesses popping up around town or shifting directors at the schools because of a recent switch in political power. 1,351 more words

Goals for the Year

As I mentioned recently in this post, I am going to try to join the 30-Day Blogging Challenge for Teachers. I may not stick to the suggestions for topics outlined in the challenge since I’m not a classroom teacher. 215 more words


Interview: Ali for (and from) Germany

In the wake of Germany’s World Cup victory, much has been said about a renewed sense of German patriotism and its implications. While some have feared a connection to Germany’s dark past, others have welcomed the discourse as a chance to shape a new sense of belonging within the country’s evolving demographics. 1,150 more words

Citizenship And Identity