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The Hypnotic Power of Metaphor and Storytelling

From the beginning of my hypnosis training, I’ve been a fan of Dr. Milton Erickson, often best known for his prolific use of metaphors and casual storytelling to seamlessly integrate hypnotic suggestions past a client’s more resistant conscious awareness. 428 more words

There's no ONE thing (& The 5 Pillars of Wellness)

How great would that be?! ONE thing – if we just did ONE thing every day… we could sleep better, feel better, digest better, work better.   273 more words

Medicine's Alternatives are Not Always "Alternative" Medicine

When the term “alternative” medicine is used it seems to conjure up the expectation that it’s a medical practice that isn’t “real.” The alternatives to conventional medicine are quite real, and most have been used for thousands of years with good results, whether it be herbs, tinctures, or protocols divergent from mainstream medicine, there has been a negative connotation to those which science can not always explain. 662 more words

Dr. Dalal Akoury

Shifting Sands and Shifting Energies

I’m sure many have noticed the unstable energies lately: both locally and around the world. Astrologers are heralding the Grand Cross of April 23rd, 2014, as the primary culprit. 574 more words

“Baby the Rain Must Fall”

It’s a good 60’s song—slightly dated, but still lyrically solid with a catchy tune. Sung at the time by Glenn Yarborough, the repeating chorus is: “Baby, the rain must fall. 554 more words

Is Integrative Medicine Just A New Fad?

In the early 1990’s physicians became interested in including alternative approaches to their medical practice. This includes procedures like acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and massage therapy among many others. 499 more words


Avoid foods with these ingredients


About six months ago I began looking into what my family was eating specifically when it comes to the foods we buy in the grocery store and at some of the more popular chain restaurants in the Quad Cities.  305 more words