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“Baby the Rain Must Fall”

It’s a good 60’s song—slightly dated, but still lyrically solid with a catchy tune. Sung at the time by Glenn Yarborough, the repeating chorus is: “Baby, the rain must fall. 554 more words

Is Integrative Medicine Just A New Fad?

In the early 1990’s physicians became interested in including alternative approaches to their medical practice. This includes procedures like acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and massage therapy among many others. 499 more words


Avoid foods with these ingredients


About six months ago I began looking into what my family was eating specifically when it comes to the foods we buy in the grocery store and at some of the more popular chain restaurants in the Quad Cities.  305 more words

Belonging and Acceptance

The only thing I can figure is that I must do a lot of work in my sleep when I wake way too early with statements or slogans going through my mind, such as this title. 568 more words


Homeopathy has a long history of treating physical and mental illness. Homeopathy looks at symptoms of both the mind and body, as they interact and cannot be treated separately (James, 2002; McCabe, 2005; Vincent, 2012). 1,604 more words


Connect Health - How Wellness can save healthcare

Our healthcare system needs a major overhaul.  Having learned what I have learned just in the last few years has opened my eyes to how our mindset needs to change – how our system needs to change. 503 more words

Healthy Living

Listen to lectures on public health topics all week for National Public Health Week

Celebrate National Public Health Week this week by participating in these activities and events that are open to the public. The lectures on Tuesday through Thursday will be available on line. 263 more words