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Heart Disease, Inflammation and Arthritis

Look at all the connections in the disease process.  They found a link between sacroiliitis (a joint inflammation), psoriatic arthritis and heart disease.  Of course.  The most likely etiology of all of this is inflammation and most likely comes from the gut.  139 more words

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Could Integrative Medicine Be the Answer?

by Adriana Moise

We are fortunate to live in a country with exceptional acute care. Our trauma hospitals have the best physicians and capabilities of treating the most complicated and life threatening conditions. 369 more words


More On Meditation

Tara Brach is another teacher of mine.  Her book, Radical Acceptance, is very excellent.  You can go to the website here and meet her face-to-face teaching.   29 more words

Chronic Conditions

What really controls our DNA?

What really controls our DNA?

The thing that has always blown me away is how many people treat their bodies like human garbage disposals yet when they begin to feel the ravaging of their bodies as early as their late 20s-early 30s, they seem surprised. 2,416 more words


Pema Chodron is an American, Buddhist nun.  I find her humorous, down to earth, and applicable.  She has taught me much and I recommend exploring and being open to her suggestions.   43 more words

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Digestion and Stress

Marc David.  On eating under stress.

“Simply put, the same part of our brain that turns on stress turns off digestion. And conversely, the part of the brain that turns on the relaxation response turns on full, healthy digestive power. 40 more words

Chronic Conditions

Plan now for 'E-Race Cancer' half marathon and 5K

A half marathon and 5K on Sept. 13 in Baldwinsville is designed to raise money for integrative medicine at the Upstate Cancer Center. It’s called “ 101 more words