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The In-Between Places: How My Faith and Art Fit Together

How my faith and my art fit together has been one of the great challenges — and satisfactions — of my life and writing career so far. 1,007 more words


"Caveat Venditor" - The Purification of Sales

In his best-selling book “To Sell Is Human”, author Daniel H. Pink introduces a Latin phrase that is probably new for most of us: Caveat Venditor… 355 more words


Life In The Age of the Little White Lie

A few of days ago marked the anniversary of the passing of one of the greatest minds of the last century. Albert Einstein was a German-born physicist who, among other things, developed the theory of relativity, as well as won the… 516 more words

Ron Phillips

Integrity, accountability, and respect

Now, I sometimes cringe when I have to recite the vision, mission, or values of the hospital I work for. And its not┬ábecause I don’t think that they are important, but because I doubt that they are being carried out. 288 more words

My Job

Integrity is saying NO

I have integrity, so I’ve been telling myself, and telling potential employers. This is one of my good qualities. But what does it really mean? For me? 365 more words


School Values

Our school values are Unity, Integrity, Respect and Empathy.

How have you displayed these values this week?

The Dishonest Manager - (Luke 16)

The “Parable of the Unjust Steward” (in some translations, it is the “dishonest manager”) is admittedly difficult to understand at a certain point. It is obvious to any honest :-) person that Jesus does not suggest that dishonesty is “commendable.” But the way that verses 8 and 9 are translated makes it difficult to precisely get the full meaning. 831 more words