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So Now Adobe...

First Intel, and now Adobe. Adobe has pulled back from Gawker because one of their writers made sarcastic, satirical, critical comments about #gamergate.

Way to go, Adobe! 352 more words

Intel IoT Asia Mark the Arrival of IoT Era

As the trend of Internet of Things (IoT) is exploding and the market is rapidly evolving, Intel has been aggressive driving this industry transformation and working with partners to grasp huge business opportunities. 47 more words


Intel Edison国内発売直前! クラウド学習サービス連携IoTサービス開発スターターキットの中身とは? [ #cbajp ]




High-Tech Meets High Fashion: Trend or Faux Pas?

It all started back in 2012 when the Nike FuelBand was launched and since then several other brands have made the leap into wearable technology; these range from activity trackers to smart watches all the way to smart eyewear. 587 more words

Industry experts gathers at Intel IoT Asia to unveil the latest market trends

The arrival of IoT (Internet of Things) era will bring unprecedented opportunities across industries and create new business models, which may have profound impact on global economics. 77 more words


Intel invests iris recognition firm in China

The venture capital arm of chipmaker giant Intel has invested in a Chinese biometrics firm, EyeSmart, as part of an investment fund which focuses on China. 180 more words


Three can't-miss deals on Intel 'Haswell' PCs

You know the drill. When the model year nears its end, new cars gets cheaper. The same is true of winter clothing when spring approaches, and it’s equally true of computers when a new generation is on the horizon. 468 more words

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