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Waiting for work or working while waiting?

The fastest way to success is realizing that there is no fast route. You either put in your 10,00 hours or you sit around wondering why. 96 more words

Beauty Comes Alive

Mind embroidering dreams.
Heart beating hope.
Eyes beaming ambition.
Smile awakening gratitude.
Lips dripping kindness.
Skin radiating patience.
Backbone carrying confidence.
Hands nurturing creativity.
Body of knowledge. 29 more words

Motivation And Inspiration

Eternal Partner

Here is a truth.  Regardless of your eternal destination there is one thing certain, you have an eternal partner, YOU.  I don’t know if you have ever thought about that.  1,455 more words


Hold on...my Heart


Tell me,

why do I always stay like this,

My heart, don’t do that to me,

U fall in Love and the pain is in my heart, 107 more words


Drinking to Id

My drugged mind is in a muddle, predictably, after half a glass too much of wine. All of us, even those who’ve abstained from alcohol their entire lives have drunk and gotten drunk before. 716 more words

Is it fair, unfair or are you just lazy?

When you look. I mean when you truly step back and look out in the distance, there are tons of opportunities for you to do something great. 305 more words