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For future reference...

Decide who you want to be and where you want to go. Figure out what ideas you want to represent. Stop waiting for the opinion of others to help you. 241 more words

3D Worship: Mind+Will+Emotion

“With the same powers of our soul whereby we contemplate God, we must also worship God; we cannot think of him but with our minds, nor love him but with our will; and we cannot worship him without the acts of thinking and loving, and therefore cannot worship him without the exercise of our inward faculties.” – Stephen Charnock (

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Know YOU before they roll the credits.

It’s not always about making it all of the way to the end of the tunnel or journey. Your goal or objective just like a movie can be figured out half way through. 76 more words

How genetic is intelligence?

K’Tera Bartels was special, and everyone knew it. She was reading competently by three and enrolled in kindergarten by four; she graduated high school as the valedictorian at 14 years old. 539 more words


Perception, Listening, Understanding. The gifts you give.

Everyone’s perception of life is pretty different. Maybe a few people share the same ideas of a certain topic but in general, two people will explain the same ideas in two completely different ways. 145 more words

What is it about your...

What is it about the mind

That arouses me so deep

Words simply shared

Keeps from my sleep

Joys of awareness

A life becoming complete… 71 more words


Well what will it be?

You can’t have and enjoy every experience that happens in life. Something you can do is live in your moments that you have within your own life. 78 more words