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Lose it now, miss it later.

Go for what you want when the time comes instead of regretting all that you never did later on. Some things only come around once in a lifetime. 10 more words

Why am I so Dumb at times?

Have you ever had a huge problem that completely consumed you? ¬†That is, you thought about it day and night for days or even weeks but couldn’t solve the problem, riddle or challenge? ¬† 792 more words

Servant Leadership

Plans, setting things up, strategies? Overrated (at times).

The best strategy might be to not have a strategy at all. Maybe it’s just better for you to explore life on all levels. Win, lose, jump, fly, run, walk. 92 more words

To stay afloat, stay in your boat

The easiest (most difficult) way to stay ahead and on top in any industry is by being consistent. Adding a little or a lot of innovation in between helps as well. 52 more words

Transcending Love

**Digital composite by Felicia**
This evening I watched the Sci-Fi Fantasy/Thriller Transcendence. The critics were hard on this one, but it was hard for me not to like Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall as Will and Evelyn Caster. 99 more words

Body And Mind