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Whence the Heroic "Other"?

I’ve been thinking a great deal lately about Othering and its operation in literature, in various ways.

Currently, “other” as a verb has a universally negative connotation.   1,151 more words

Size Doesn’t Matter

What’s the cut-off age for Halloween?

When I was growing up, I didn’t worry about it. No one really commented on it (to me anyway), and as I got older, my costume got more complex. 307 more words


Communication Is the Path To Independence

When trying to communicate with a person who has an Intellectual Disability (ID), sometimes thoughts and ideas don’t always come through to you of what that person is trying to convey. 487 more words

Intellectual Disability

Let's Talk About Disability

Last weekend via e-mail, my professor broke our class of thirty-or-so people into four groups, assigning us each an article to study.  My group was assigned… 911 more words

The last visit to Huronia Regional Centre

This post was written by current student Kim Collins.

The sky was threatening and overcast as we drove to the Huronia Regional Centre. Behind us ominous dark clouds rolled in, made even darker by the brilliant reds and oranges of the trees along the highway. 573 more words

It comes in handy you know, sometimes small towns are great

As we sat on the chairs yesterday my friend had a chuckle. Some of you will recognise the character I am writing about, I told him I was going to write something about him, he was chuffed, all good I hope he said, I assured him it was. 1,085 more words

Five Things People Usually Won't Understand About Life with Multiple Disabilities

Julie of Counting My Spoons just posted a list of six things healthy people just won’t understand about life with chronic illness or pain. I didn’t know the first one – that migraine sufferers just can’t take their medication at the first hint of a migraine -, because I don’t have migraines, but I could relate to the others. 668 more words