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Censorship and Intellectual Freedom in Libraries

Project Title: Censorship and Intellectual Freedom in Libraries

Project URL: Censorship and Intellectual Freedom in Libraries

Project Description: The issue of censorship in schools and libraries is one that I have been interested in ever since Lois Lowry’s Number the Stars was banned in an international school where I worked because the government thought the book has strong religious and political connotations that were inappropriate for middle school students. 197 more words

Pratt Institute

The IPCC: Providing 'Hope for Our Earth'

An IPCC document produced for its meeting in Yokohama uses emphatically activist language. What happened to the scientific body delivering a scientific report based on scientific research? 661 more words


Looking for documents which have disappeared from the www?

Have you saved documents pertaining to the professional interests of academic librarians in Canada which you know have gone missing on the internet? If so, CAPAL, the Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians is interested in posting them to their site for easy, collegial access in our communites, see http://capalibrarians.org/ .

Academic Librarianship

YA English Elective Gets Scarlet Letter

A high school elective english course focusing on the Young Adult genre is courting controversy this week after a group of parents took issue with the class booklist, including two books by New York Times Best-Selling author and YouTube vlogger John Green, … 519 more words

Banned Books

Letter to the School Board of Strasburg (CO) High School

Two of John Green’s books, Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns, are being challenged at a high school in Colorado. They are two of the nineteen books (see list below) proposed for the elective course in young adult literature. 635 more words


Banned & Challenged: The Works of John Steinbeck

Intellectual freedom is a cause that is very important to me, and Banned Books Week is something that I like to participate in every year. That wonderful week is not upon us quite yet, but this week in LIS 6010 we’re exploring the concept of intellectual freedom, hence the topic of this blog post. 1,126 more words

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