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On the Modern Rise of Hedonism: Changing Views Towards Pleasure, Pain & Suffering

John Yamamoto-Wilson, an early modern historian who has published a recent book on pain and suffering in 17th c. England, has a fascinating blog post… 993 more words

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Report on a conference on modern Chinese academia and society in transformation




For the original website see here. 18 more words


2014 IBHA Conference Day 1


2014 IBHA Conference

Yesterday I drove all day long from Portland to San Rafael, California, to attend the second IBHA conference, “Teaching and Researching Big History: Big Picture, Big Questions,” being held at the Dominican University of California. 2,025 more words

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On What is Owed to Whom: History of Medicine as "Moribund" & Enterprise Justification

Ho hum.  Another day, another person doubting the worth of history.  Most recently, we have Richard Horton, an editor of The Lancet, writing a commentary in which he declares that… 974 more words

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Ernst Jünger is Mobilized


A Century of Industrialized Warfare:

Ernst Jünger is Mobilized

Saturday 01 August 1914

On Thursday 30 July 1914 Russia announced general mobilization. The next day, on Friday 31 July 1914, Germany declared… 1,510 more words

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FTAC - MEC - "Don't Say You Didn't Ask" - Distillation

I haven’t been funded for focus, and that has led to a broad reading experience in this area but not mastery of any part. What I have been able to do is distill some themes and and reintroduce some basics and that has led to some terse formulations that others may use to springboard into new journeys and (a phrase I’ve been using lately) _come forward_ of familiar but perhaps stuck historical positions. 571 more words

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