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"Citizens": A Review

I think the word that I am required to use here – by law, no less – is “magisterial”.

The book is 875 pages,each chock full of ideas, events, facts and emotion. 931 more words

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Philosopher Hao Yanrong (郝晏荣) on the reception of Western learning in modern China




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【关键词】西学;富强;公理 20 more words

Academic Analysis

Buzzing 20150118: Othering and Study of Materiality

Life of the Objects and The Silent Story-Teller

Objects are born as an “empty space” (according to Pinney). Any discussion on an object must associate with cultural interactions and must not end on an object-level. 259 more words

Eunapius, Lives of the Philosophers 2.2.4: Writing Biography (Poorly) is Like Being in Love

“Even though I have recorded these things faithfully, I do recognize that some things have probably escaped me. And if, although I have applied great thought and effort trying to compose a continuous and clear history of the lives of the best philosophers and rhetoricians, I did not obtain my goal, I have suffered much the same kind of thing as those who love madly and obsessively. 45 more words


Historian Wang Xianming (王宪明) on the historical material of modern Chinese intellectual history



来源:《史学史研究》2014年3期, 中国社会科学网2015年01月14日

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  【关 键 词】中国近代思想史文献/新文本/基本特点/研究方法

  【作者简介】王宪明,清华大学马克思主义学院教授,研究方向为中国近现代思想文化史。 420 more words

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Buzzing Buzzing...20150116 Time to Socialise?

Perception of Time
Is it really like we always say, today in this capitalist world, we are so occupied that don’t have time to socialise, don’t have time to leisure. 535 more words

The Cave and the Light by Arthur Herman

The Cave and the Light by Arthur Herman is 570 page book that examines the respective influences of Plato and Aristotle on western civilization. It is a tour de force. 589 more words

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