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Our Oriental Heritage: Laying the Foundation for Ancient Greece

The study of Western Civilization usually begins in Greece, but, as I’ve noted in previous posts, Greece inherited a tremendous amount of intellectual history from the surrounding areas of the Near East and Far East. 498 more words

Ancient History

Historian Wang Fansen (王汎森) on intellectual history




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2013 年6月21-24日,由华东师范大学-不列颠哥伦比亚大学现代中国与世界联合研究中心主办的第二届中国思想史高级研修班在上海举办。来自海内外二十余所大学和研究机构的青年老师和博士生参加了为期四天的研修活动。以下为台湾“中研院”王汎森教授在研修班上的主题讲座,收录于上海人民出版社2014年9月出版的《何谓现代,谁之中国:现代中国的再阐释》一书,原题为《思想史研究方法经验谈》。经出版社授权,澎湃新闻刊发该讲稿。


India’s Contributions to the Modern World

Contemporary United States education, if it includes in the curriculum world history at all, will typically exclude the Far East, including India. If you’re not careful, you can pass through the entire US educational system thinking that every major aspect of our civilization has its origin in Greece. 547 more words

Ancient History

A History of the World in Books: The Instruction of Ptahhotep

In ancient Egypt we find civilization’s oldest texts and the oldest example of moral philosophy in a document titled The Instruction of Ptahhotep. Written about 4,500 years ago by Ptahhotep, a vizier under King Isesi of the Egyptian Fifth Dynasty (ca. 273 more words

Ancient History

Philosopher Li Zehou (李泽厚) on the significance of intellectual history





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在贫富拉大、社会不公日益严重的今天,对革命的怀念和对过往“激情燃烧的岁月”的追思,不仅成为社会中下层的某种感情和兴趣,也同样反射在学术思想领域之中。新左派与自由派之争便包含了对中国革命所采取的不同态度。 13 more words

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Audibility of language

There are many vocabularies and idioms to effect one signification. And if I master many of them, I can get my message across to a variety of audience with some fair anticipation of their receptivity to it. 34 more words


How a Change in History could have made you a Zoroastrian

For 1,000 years, Zoroastrianism was one of the most powerful monotheistic religions in the world, and was the official religion of Persia (Iran) from 600 BCE to 650 CE. 474 more words

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