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Protecting your Plant Breeders Rights

Plant Breeders Rights 

Plant breeder’s rights (PBRs) are used to protect new varieties of plant that are distinguishable, uniform and stable.

The plant breeder’s scheme in Australia is governed by the current Plant Breeder’s Rights Act 1994 (Cth). 190 more words

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Protecting your media and entertainment rights

Media and Entertainment law Agreements and Advice is available at Sweeny Legal including the following specialist legal services designed for advertising agencies, designers, marketing and PR consultancies, filmmakers, artists, writers, bands, game developers, entertainers, broadcasters, publishers, galleries and multi-media companies. 133 more words

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Protect your designs


A design refers to the features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation, which gives a product a unique appearance, and must be new and distinctive. 416 more words

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Famous Trademark Protection In Uzbekistan: current regulatory framework, legal problems and possible solutions

Bu safargi ilmiy yigilishimizda mamlakatimizdagi Tovar belgisining huquqiy muhofazasi masalalarini muhokama qildik.

Avvalambor, Tovar belgisi va xizmat ko`rsatish belgisi ( rus: товарный знак, eng: trademark) – bu bir yuridik va jismoniy shaxslar tovarlari va xizmatlarini boshqa yuridik va jismoniy shaxslarning shu turdagi tovarlaridan farqlash uchun xizmat qiladigan, belgilangan tartibda ro`yxatdan o`tkazilgan belgilardir. 511 more words

Intellectual Property Law

Protecting your Intellectual Property

Protecting your intellectual property is more important than ever before as we move forward into an increasingly digital age. Properly registering your trade mark puts the rest of the business world on notice that the design, word, name, or symbol you are using to identify your goods or services is your official and legal trade mark, and it acts as evidence of your exclusive right to use your marks; potentially vital if another business later infringes on your rights. 18 more words

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Wealth manager tests Canada's taste for 'business method' patents

A patent application by the company that manages retirement funds for doctors will test the reluctance of Canadian bureaucrats to recognize so-called “business method patents” or BMPs. 753 more words

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