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How Apple got its 2% tax rate in Ireland

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could tell the government what you’d pay in taxes, not the other way around? Apple did it in Ireland, and might now be in trouble for it. 868 more words

How Dave got passed off

FinalVinyl, as we know, is Dave’s business. But much more than that: it’s his pride and joy, the thing that gets him up in the morning. 507 more words


Intellectual Property and Digital Economy

In line with my previous theme of Intellectual Property (IP) and the digital economy, this post looks at a recent Position Statement which I helped to draft for the BCS Chartered Institute for IT. 543 more words


The Crowd Strikes Back

I’ll start this post by jumping back into memories. Over a year ago, I was on a night flight on my way back to Verona after pitching at the STARTinMED startup forum in Barcelona. 538 more words



So a few things happened since we last posted -

1. we moved our offices to Minneapolis.

2. We learned how to make GIFs.

3. The Fappening. 1,413 more words


Once More: 'Intellectual Property' Breeds Confusion; Drop it

Rarely, if ever, does the term ‘intellectual property’ add clarity to any debate of substance–very often, this is because it includes the term ‘property’ and thus offers an invitation to some dubious theorizing. 656 more words


Change for the good on the official Second Life Flickr Group

I’ll first say, I don’t know when this changed. I had a quick look earlier this month and noticed something was different and have just read it properly now. 370 more words