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Watch out, tech world: Patent troll Intellectual Ventures takes stake in wearable and video startups

It’s normally good news when a big company pledges its money and throws its experience behind up-and-coming tech firms. It’s a different story when the company is Intellectual Ventures, the… 1,117 more words

Two Things About The NetApp Victory Over Acacia Media

Two things struck me immediately when I read Joe’s article over at Ars about the recent victory of NetApp over Acacia:

A.  Acacia Media is the country’s largest patent troll?   502 more words


Interview With An Inventor, Part III

Slight delay in publication of Parts III and IV, which is why I try never to set a public schedule for these things.  The minute I do?   1,048 more words


Interview With An Inventor, Part II

On this fair Monday morning, let’s continue our Interview with an Inventor, started last week here with Part I.  My goal in these questions was to divine how much time this particular inventor put into actually trying to get his product out there and if litigation was part of the strategy from the outset, if at all, or if it was something that ended up being a necessity because of the 400 lb gorilla companies that are (theoretically) preventing new entrants into the marketplace. 1,396 more words


Cross-Branding: MindSumo, Immaculate Baking Company and coffee flour

From time to time I participate in challenges on a site called MindSumo which is a site where companies post some sort of problem for the college student population to ponder and answer for a reasonable cash reward. 284 more words

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