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woke up
checked his
subatomic clock

saw he
was late
for his interview
ran time backwards

realized they
were looking
for a
woman… 6 more words


Life- A Paradoxical Mystery.

Been quite sometime since I put pen to paper. Thoughts come and go, endless and tirelessly our minds work and we have a capacity to produce only five percent of what our brains anticipate. 267 more words

WOTD: Vorfreude

My turn.


WOTD: Vorfreude

(noun) // f (genitive Vorfreude, plural Vorfreuden)

:: The intense, anticipative joy derived from imaging future pleasures.

pr. vor- froy-dah… 37 more words

The Professor

Reflection on "Citizen Indians" Introduction

I have just begun Lucy Maddox’s Citizen Indians: Native American Intellectuals, Race & Reform (2005). Maddox proposes that to understand Native intellectual work at the turn of the 20th century we must view it through the lens of performance art. 169 more words

Citizen Indians

Dear Christians,

Ever wonder what agnostics and atheists see?

Imagine (I promise it’s not a sin) for a moment if the Bible was just a book written by any given author, your favorite fiction author, even. 837 more words


I was counting my
blessings on
an abacus
when someone, a
mathematical angel
or number demon

said I should do it
in Fibonacci

and so I… 41 more words