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To the Intellectuals

I’m amazed at the level of condascension and tension prevalent in the debate between competing worldviews. Each side has become quite skilled at drawing the caricatures of their opponents. 843 more words

How To Sound Like An Intellectual (Even if you don't know sh*t…!)

You’ve probably found yourself in such situation where you happen to be trapped in a conversation and cannot add anything meaningful to such conversation either because you have not been properly enlightened about it or you don’t even as far as know shit about it! 1,527 more words


Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana.”

~Bill Gates


'Busy'...a boring excuse or a necessary diversion?

My sister wants to know why I haven’t posted any blogs this month. I’m sort of wondering that myself and to be honest I want to say that I’ve been busy (my sister will laugh when she reads this…we always laugh when people, mostly ourselves, say they are busy…!). 675 more words


Geek Glasses

Hey everyone,

It’s Sadia here with my first actual post! Today’s post will be on fashion- a rather geeky aspect, one might agree…

Geek Glasses started off in the 80’s- they were seen as ‘hip’ and retro. 202 more words


3D Printing Politics – Intellectual Property Challenges for the 3D Printing Revolution

Policy makers, legal professionals, patent creators, regulatory officials, and 3D printing advocates are encouraged to join us at 3D Printing Politics as we explore recent questions raised about the relationship between creativity, law, and 3D printing. 112 more words