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Top 100 Questions Friends & Family Ask a Lawyer (#7: The Next Big Thing)


I’d been spending a lot of time in my garage and basement tinkering with things when the idea hit me.  It only took a few years and a couple hundred thousand dollars to develop a prototype.  612 more words


Top 100 Questions Friends & Family Ask a Lawyer (#8: Your Right, My Right, Copyright)


Years ago, I had a great idea for a book, film, or television show.  Recently, I saw a trailer for a movie that looks exactly like my idea.  577 more words


SiriusXM hopes a legal blast from the past will fix Oldies mess

SiriusXM recently suffered a series of disastrous courtroom defeats that threaten to harm not just its own digital radio service, but other companies — from YouTube to FM radio — that also play oldies from before 1972. 619 more words

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