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Wild at Heart: Were Intelligence Agencies Using Heartbleed in November 2013?


Yesterday afternoon, Ars Technica published a story reporting two possible logs of Heartbleed attacks occurring in the wild, months before Monday’s public disclosure of the vulnerability.


Al Sharpton says report of FBI cooperation not new

NEW YORK (AP) — The Rev. Al Sharpton admitted on Tuesday that he helped the FBI investigate New York Mafia figures in the 1980s, even making secret recordings that appeared to help bring down a mob boss. 629 more words


What the Henderson Brooks Report Really Says

Originally published as जबिन टी. जैकब, ‘नाकामी पर नई निगाह’, Dainik Jagran (Delhi), 23 March 2014, p. 10.

Large sections of the Henderson Brooks-Prem Bhagat Report of the inquiry into the Indian army’s 1962 defeat were recently released online by Neville Maxwell, a former India correspondent of a British newspaper. 837 more words

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Former Church Committee Chief Counsel Pushes for New Investigation Into Secret Government

Kevin Gosztola,  Fire Dog Lake

The former chief counsel for the Church Committee, Frederick A.O “Fritz” Schwarz Jr., is pushing for a new committee that would investigate secret government, particularly actions by government since the September 11th attacks. 275 more words


Hiding in Plain Sight: Tales of Spies, Espionage, and Intelligence Agencies

Are you a fan of covert operations? Do you find yourself gravitating towards tales that involve secret agents infiltrating massive organizations, governments, or businesses? If you do then you are not alone, probably because these stories often involve cool weapons, tense moments of hiding in shadows, or the idea of learning about deeply hidden secrets. 114 more words