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Trains and... Bikes???

If you had any hope that our Senator was going to say to herself, “Hey, shouldn’t we have a 2/3rd’s vote on the new Climate deal with Communist China?” you hope in vain. 398 more words

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Secrecy is a documentary about the pros and cons of government secrecy justified (allegedly) by national security.

And it does indeed cover both the pros and cons, rather than being a simplistic brief for one side or the other. 1,260 more words


Intelligence Gathering in Security Assessment

Intelligence Gathering, Reconnaissance, Information Collection… No matter what you call it, it’s an important component of any security assessment project.

Intelligence Gathering:  The collection of intelligence both overt and covert to aid in the decision of a course of action.

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Intelligence Gathering

Should Civil Liberties be put aside for Intelligence Gathering?

Intelligence Gathering, Inherently Unethical?

The unaddressed ubiquitous ethical and moral quandaries that co-exist with the practice of intelligence gathering are a latent peril to the United States that compels the Government to act in an expeditious manner in order to confront this hazard. 1,868 more words

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