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Security versus Privacy: A De-Actualizing Formulation

By Norman Ball
January 28, 2015
Global Research

On the rather tight-lipped matter of privacy, there was more than a little fear-mongering going on in President Obama’s January 20th State of the Union address. 3,235 more words



We tend to be a bit smug here in America. We are convinced that we have made huge strides over the rest of the world that has been left behind in our tracks. 739 more words

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4 Simple Things You Can Do To Look Smarter

We all want to be smart. Good looking and charming can only last so long, but knowledge is power and good news for you, you can LOOK smart even if you aren’t smart! 182 more words


Retired Army General says Obama let Al-Qaeda grow ‘fourfold in last 5 years’

Members of al Qaeda’s Nusra Front drive in a convoy as they tour villages, which they said they have seized control of from Syrian rebel factions, in the southern countryside of Idlib, December 2, 2014. 266 more words

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Faces of Intel: Harrison May Class of '15

Hailing from Geneva, Illinois, Harrison May attends The Ridge School for Intelligence and Information Science. As a child, Harrison dreamt of being an FBI agent, and began his undergrad career at Lewis University for Criminal Justice. 615 more words



Luke and his associate now made their way into the mountains in earnest, driving out of the rather small yet densely populated apartment complex, through the intersection of the main road and into the quaint and more expensive area populated by nearly-acre sized lots with individual houses that was the entry-point to the mountains which towered ahead of them in all of their dread expectancy. 642 more words



It was with a heavy heart yet one filled with dread expectation that Luke left the confines of the apartment, the more than somewhat grotesque and overbearing ridges of the beginning mountains careening like some ever-seeing and fell spies in front of him – between him and they only a few sparse miles of flatland before the expanse of the regional mountain range sprang up suddenly, thousands of feet in height and containing within many untold secrets and many chances at untimely death. 314 more words