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” No Matter the Situation Never Let Your Emotions Over Power Your Intelligence ”

Will Idiots Actually Inherit the Earth?

Devo has always intrigued me, especially the story behind their name. “Devo” stands for “de-evolution,” a philosophical concept created by the founding members. The concept negates the optimistic viewpoint reinforced by industrial societies: the human race as a whole is evolving, in a sense improving. 1,273 more words

"Transcendence" and the Soul

Review by Nate

Wally Pfister’s “Transcendence” is a pretty good science fiction thriller with some solid acting and a promising plot. It also slightly suffers from some pacing issues, underdeveloped characters, and a rather silly ending. 1,203 more words


Les gens plus intelligents font plus confiance

Tant le vocabulaire que la compréhension des questions ont été positivement corrélés à la confiance en général ou à la “confiance généralisée” (generalized trust… 538 more words


Affirming Words Letter

The word for today is Intelligence. Being able to think and learn for yourself is a quality that you are going to need throughout life. Get involved with what interests you so that you can expand your mind. 283 more words

Monthly Challenges

Does wearing the HIJAB make women seem less attractive and intelligent for men?

A study carried out in the UK aimed to examine whether the fact that a woman wears the HIJAB has an impact on the perceptions of men about her intelligence and attractiveness. 117 more words


This is the last post in the “Passion, Prayer, Intelligence” series, and it has been a learning experience for me and hopefully for you as well. 2,244 more words

The Gospel Interpreted By Kiki