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Social Media Idiocy

First thing in the morning and you start in on me,

Something starts to boil and it’s got to be free.

Everything I read; every thing that you write, 183 more words


Memo to America's Three Year Olds. Get to work, you lazy slackers

It has come to our attention that your older brothers and sisters have been showing up to Kindergarten completely unprepared for the requirements of a rigorous education. 48 more words

The world has really been civilized by discoverers - by thinkers.

The man who invented powder, and by that means released hundreds of thousands of men from the occupations of war, did more for mankind than religion. 469 more words


IQ Tests

IQ tests and the testing of intelligence levels was devised by French psychologists in the early 1900s to help describe differences in how well and quickly children learn at school. 666 more words

Brain Training

Gifted Shmifted--The Sequel

After thirty+ years hanging around with gifted kids and adults, first as a teacher, now as a counselor and consultant, I still stutter when I try to define g-g-giftedness.There’s so much confusion, complexity and controversy over what giftedness actually is. 504 more words

5 Espionage Myths -- The November Man

By Piper Bayard

The November Man is an espionage movie in which an ex-CIA operative is brought back by the Company for a personal mission in Moscow, only to find himself pitted against his protégé. 691 more words