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On the nature of understanding

Bob Marshall created a simple comic strip. It has three panels of about equal size, each of which contains a simple diagram and a single word. 658 more words


"Abiding Memories"

A Spenserian Sonnet

I can feel his glittering eyes

Staring fixedly for some time

At me–I tense up and arise

And join the other girls in line… 68 more words


How impactful is Data Mining for your Business?

Data mining help you to categorise different information available according to the needs and preferences of your target. It helps you to gather valuable information and reach the right people on the right time with… 191 more words


Spiritual Intelligence: Covert Operations

However, we speak wisdom among those who are mature, yet not the wisdom of this age, nor of the rulers of this age, who are coming to nothing.

522 more words

Positive Disintegration

This process I am going through can probably be called a Disintegration, and I sure hope that hindsight will reveal it as the kind of Positive Disintegration that Kazimierz Dabrowski created his theory about, and not just a part of a downward spiral without a happy ending! 3,078 more words


The 600 Years of History Behind Those Ukrainian Masks

The reporter asked the masked pro-Russian separatist in the Ukrainian city of Slavyansk a simple question: why are you wearing a mask?

“I’m sorry,” he responded, “but it’s a stupid question.” 831 more words

How can be be debating torture?

The U.S. Senate is locking horns with the CIA over records concerning “enhanced interrogation” techniques practiced at Gitmo Bay. Senator Diane Feinstein accuses the CIA of removing from Senate computers documents concerning interrogation practices. 208 more words

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