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Retro Movie Review: Real Genius

This is another piece of mine I wrote for a now defunct website called Retro Guava. It was an Australian site that sold retro themed shirts. 1,101 more words


Them Thar’s Fightin’ Words

Whether it’s nature or nurture, it’s undeniable; there are some folks for whom EVERYTHING is a competition. There must be a winner and a loser in every encounter. 333 more words


I’ve always been insecure
not always in terms of body issues
or worries of whether I’m pretty enough
or all the usual concerns that most girls seem to have… 311 more words

Appearance, Intelligence or Personality?

Appearance. Intelligence. Personality. Three main things I look for in a character or a person in general. A question arises in almost every mind, and I got confused for a while too regarding the priority of the traits. 554 more words


Fixed in the "truth"...

If we were truly aware and conscious we could perceive that we are never the same, thus even though there is a “me,” in another reality there is “none” that “I” could call “me.” 591 more words


Money on your mind

How do we define poverty? It is sometimes said that real poverty is rare in Western societies where even people on low incomes may have mobile phones and flat-screen televisions. 755 more words


Sparked by a Jehovah Witness

So I just had a Jehovah witness at my door. I definitely do not believe in the idea of a ‘creator’.
Why do we have to glorify someone so much that they are capable of all our being? 355 more words