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Why is good... good?

As a Biblical Christian, I am an advocate of the idea that the universe we live in was created with the sentiment of good in mind, and was meant to have meaning. 502 more words


Truly the Ayatollah of Appalachia

This is addressed to those who have expressed disagreement (for geographical reasons) with my referring to Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) as the ayatollah of Appalachia. 273 more words


Viva Denial

Those who deny evolution
shouldn’t be allowed to breed
if they believe
themselves to be above
and beyond
other animals
that they are somehow
outside that kingdom… 98 more words


Discovery Institute: Natural Selection Is a Fallacy

The Discoveroids have been both incoherent and boring lately, but we finally found a post so ludicrous that it merits a brief look. It was written by… 849 more words


The Origin of Copulation

The subject of sex can be challenging to write about, but when it’s in the news it can’t be avoided. We shall endeavor to maintain our customary high standards throughout this post. 655 more words


How complex and fine tuned is God's creation?

Our universe is so complex and fine tuned for life, that denying the existence of God is almost unthinkable.


AIG Talks About Ebola, Again

Our last post about AIG and Ebola was AIG Can Solve the Ebola Problem. Today they’re at it again — no doubt to serve the needs of the millions of people who turn to AIG for information about such things. 785 more words