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Rev. David Rives and the Flat Earth

The Drool-o-tron™ found a winner this morning. Its blaring sirens and flashing lights drew out attention to the blinking letters of its wall display, which said… 786 more words


Louisiana LSEA Repeal Hearing Today?

A week ago, based on a news story we found at the website of KATC, the ABC affiliate television station in Lafayette, Louisiana, we posted … 724 more words


“Your Inner Fish” Episode 3 Tonight

Tonight on PBS will be the third and final episode of Your Inner Fish, hosted by Neil Shubin. He discovered Tiktaalik, and told the tale in… 281 more words


Kirk Cameron Gets Award for "Excellence"

Strange sounds were coming from the Drool-o-tron™. Its blaring sirens sounded like it was in pain, and its flashing lights were oddly subdued. We were compelled to look at the blinking letters of the wall display — they said… 363 more words


Misunderstanding the God of the Gaps

I’ve noticed that many nonbelievers (and even believers) misunderstand what constitutes a “God of the gaps” argument.  They tend to think one is guilty of a God of the gaps argument if they offer God as an explanation for some… 593 more words


Creationist Wisdom #418: Arizona Preacher

Today’s letter appears in the Arizona City Independent, a bi-weekly published by Casa Grande Valley Newspapers Inc. of Casa Grande, Arizona. The title is… 713 more words


Tell it like it is.

The Bible is God’s WORD and  it clearly reveals the correct Timeline for this universe which differs so radically from the Secular Timeline of billions of years. 343 more words