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Friday didn't provide any excuse

Today was a great opportunity for an excuse to skip my workout, it’s Friday. Typically Friday workouts are an automatic “no thank you”. The weekend is here and I need to get ready. 287 more words



My friend faithfully comes alongside of me to take on some of my ministry tasks, to help me to do what I’m called to do, and to encourage me. 305 more words


tricks by: Ellen Hopkins

I found this story to be one of the darker Ellen Hopkins’ novel maybe because all of the 5 main characters, each, are dealing with very serious issues such as drugs, substance abuse, and prostitution. 70 more words

Book Reviews :)

Suicide Notes by: Michael Thomas Ford

Very deep book. Definitely holds a lot of deep emotion and situations. I like the fact that there’s not too many characters and that the main character, 15 year old Jeff, is thoroughly developed and so are his reactions to things. 107 more words

Book Reviews :)

Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

We don’t have a great war in our generation, or a great depression, but we do, have a great war of the spirit. We have a great revolution against the culture.

576 more words
Book Reviews

New Explorations

Today was especially exciting, after long months of the journey to decide I wanted to airbrush to actually getting to airbrush! It has been a long time but after manifesting a compressor (thanks Felicia) and an airbrush gun (thanks Bram!) all I had to do was purchase the hose and I get to airbrush. 96 more words