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Wild Rose

When all is told, you don’t know me, how can you when I don’t know myself.

I have depth and style; I am deep and gentle; I love intensely; I am loyal until you hurt me, then I am on guard and my barrier will remain. 15 more words

Getting More "Thrills"

Thrill seeking is a common term thrown around. But what does it really mean? In this post I seek the answer! And as I am the authority on thrill seeking (obviously) you should trust my opinion, to wether you should trust me with your life, only trust yourself with that. 430 more words


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Nick Fury: Get me Hill now!
Fury Car: Communications array is offline.
Nick Fury: Then what’s not broken?
Fury Car: Air conditioning is fully operational.

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Fun Stuff

Salubrious Saturday: "The Final Countdown," Europe

This seemed to be an appropriate (if a bit delightfully sacrilegious) song for the day before Easter.  Holy Week itself has always had a bit of a “final countdown” feel to it, but it wasn’t until last year while I was getting vested to sing the Palm Sunday service that a friend of mine commented that the run up to Easter always put her in the mind of “that Europe song – you know the one?”  And I, being a total goober who can recall obscure Monteverdi motets on command but not, like, I don’t know, anything more… 170 more words



It was the nightmare that would not end,

The day my world changed forever,

The day my love died.

The blood-red handkerchief strangled in my grasp, 321 more words