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Going Home

I’m sitting in the airport on my way home from a trip to meet up with clients at a Leadership Conference.  As I think about going home, it warms my heart.  297 more words

Georgian House With An Uncommon Richness And Intensity Of Color

For these of us who cannot aid but fall head over heels for a conventional, huge Georgian residence with lavish Victorian-styled inside, there is nothing that could possibly enhance the state of this home created by SHH. 20 more words

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Georgian House With An Uncommon Richness And Intensity Of Colour

For individuals of us who can’;t assist but fall head over heels for a traditional, massive Georgian house with lavish Victorian-styled interior, there is practically nothing that could perhaps improve the state of this residence made by SHH. 12 more words

Daily Ideas

Black Hole

the sadness deep within

runs like a still, silent stream

it rushes through me

in an ever increasing intensity

the shadow of my recent life… 107 more words


Drive Is a Distinct Dimension of Behavior Selection

Some days, I feel incredibly lazy. This means I will spend the day doing very little, completely unmindful, largely unaware of my surroundings in a manner more sophisticated than what is needed to navigate. 150 more words


Intensity: What you see is what you get


One thing that has always upset me has not been my inability to make friends but having long lasting friendships. I am going to be the first to admit that seeing people that have been friends for long amounts of time intrigues me but also makes me a little sad. 715 more words


NUTRITION NUTRITION NUTRITION NUTRITION NUTRITION. This is everything. This will make or break your physique that you are trying to work for. You can work as hard as you can at the gym, but ruin all that work in one meal. 336 more words