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How to work out when you are pressed for time? HIIT it

We often have time issues, but does that mean we hide behind that excuse whenever someone asks us about not working out? There’s good news. You do not need to work out long hours to reap the benefits. 396 more words


Apparently, I needed a reminder. :(

Recently I moved. I got injured yet again . Tore a ligament in my back while warming up for a leg workout about a week post move. 289 more words

The nightmare of Israeli massacres in Gaza

Saturday night in Gaza was nightmarish. Israel’s ferocious assault on the civilians of the Gaza Strip increased in intensity to an unprecedented degree, so much so that people are comparing it to the massacres in Sabra and Shatila and Qana.

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The soul cannot be withered, dried, wet, cut, killed, born, or depleted, degraded, or changed. It is pure energy and is constantly moving into form, out of form, and through form. 65 more words

Intensity is not the problem.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, the way relationships seem to either fall flat because there’s no real spark, or they end up being a roller-coaster of emotion because of the sheer intensity of it. 265 more words


Go Get 'Em

When I was a kid, I was labeled “not sporty.” I was also never described as “adventurous,” that I can recall. Ideas of sporty and adventurous in my culture were limited to things like basketball and Lewis and Clark. 1,455 more words

The Writing Life


What a rush in our youth!
Such a vigor at mid- age, now waned!
Serenity of old age suddenly descends.
Slowly, slowly, like the coming of sun… 97 more words