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Words no one wants to hear....this may take awhile

  In the world of media–whether social, television, You-Tube etc. everything is neatly wrapped up within a few minutes.  For TV, two hours max.  If you need proof we’re addicted to instant gratification, take a look at the app world.  428 more words

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Some workout ideas: Part 2

Timed workouts like what I posted in part 1 are good if you only want to spend a fixed amount of time. Another good way to keep workouts simple and intense is to do rep based workouts with little or no rest between exercises. 203 more words

Candidate #8--Don't Wanna Discuss It!

I am going to be posting images that I may have posted before with a candidate # thereby collecting a list of what I feel would be likely candidates to print for a gallery show of Photojournalism. 72 more words


Love is the Sun

After spending many years with my mopey self, I refused to rely on love. I desired that self-reliance; no man would be responsible for my happiness. 258 more words

Apparently, I needed a reminder. :(

Recently I moved. I got injured yet again . Tore a ligament in my back while warming up for a leg workout about a week post move. 289 more words

The nightmare of Israeli massacres in Gaza

Saturday night in Gaza was nightmarish. Israel’s ferocious assault on the civilians of the Gaza Strip increased in intensity to an unprecedented degree, so much so that people are comparing it to the massacres in Sabra and Shatila and Qana.

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The soul cannot be withered, dried, wet, cut, killed, born, or depleted, degraded, or changed. It is pure energy and is constantly moving into form, out of form, and through form. 65 more words