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Embracing Self-Care: Taking Some R&R

A group of bloggers are doing a series called Embracing Self-Care and each is posting on the same topic every Wednesday this month and they’re extending an open invitation to join in.

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Intentional Living

Sandwich Living

I thought I would take a moment to blog about sandwiches, not only because it aligns with Liz Lemon’s Sandwich Worldview, but because I had a good whoa moment over a sandwich recently. 452 more words


The Blessings Of Living Simply, Part 2

If you’ve started downsizing your stuff or you’re attempting a minimalist lifestyle and you’re not sure it’s benefiting you, try this:

Pick one thing you LIKE, but don’t need, and get rid of it. 480 more words


I've Come a Long Way, Baby

I used to be so painfully shy that I would blush and hide behind my mother when anyone talked to me. Now I speak regularly in the classroom and in front of groups as large as 1,000 people. 255 more words


Facebook Fast

Yesterday I ended my Lenten fast from Facebook. The fast was not difficult at all. In fact, several friends reported that they were experiencing more withdrawal symptoms than I was during my absence. 220 more words

Intentional Living

Warrior Pose

In Sanskrit, The Warrior pose is called Virabhadrasana. The name derives from Virabhadra, a great warrior hero in Indian mythology. Warrior pose is a vigorous yoga posture that demands strength and steadiness. 1,283 more words

Becky Allender

Alone again

Until very recently I used to make sure that I had plans for a day or a weekend off. I always had to be doing something outside of the house. 676 more words