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What Consumes Your Mind?

I am reading a memoir called “Un Moving Four Ward” by Bob Bell. It begins with the story of how he suffered an accident as a freshman in college. 445 more words


November with Gratitude: Intention

Intentional living is hard work.  So is intending to achieve something, anything.  Ask anyone who has accomplished feats great and small and you’ll hear about how intentional they were before reaching the goal. 246 more words

Gratitude Journal

Getting Ready

“I’ve been getting ready to get ready for several hours, but now I’m going to get ready and I’ll try to be there by 11.”My friend laughed and said, “I remember those days.” I arrived at her house at 11:15. 553 more words

Day To Day

What's one more sock?

I have a theory.  I’ve been developing it over the last few years.  It’s called “what’s one more sock?”  It first appeared in my life as an absent-minded thought at some point after my first child became mobile, sort of a “huh, I feel like my house is always messy.”  That observation grew into a taunt as I threw myself into stay-at-home-mommyhood with its endless hours of pushing trains around a wooden track (hello, Thomas).   1,358 more words


Breathe "YES" to life

It used to be that I would stop to  pause in life to take deep breaths.

In moments of:  stress, busyness, worry, tiredness, or on the heels of bad news, whether mine or someone else’s. 198 more words


Moving Past the Comfortable to the Extraordinary

Is your love for the convenient and comfortable keeping you from the extraordinary?

Today a sweet friend and talented author of Entrusted, Julie Arduini, challenges us to evaluate our life, opening ourselves up to God’s nudging, even if that nudging terrifies us or leads us well out of our comfort zones. 1,065 more words

Let's Get Real

Write a positivity reminder

This is a photo of my laptop screen. Although you can’t see much of it, the background photo is from the Eastern ridge overlooking Hanalei Bay, Kauai.   389 more words